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Dickson Labs config files

copied from Ryan Bates





projects directory

p <dir> will cd to your Projects directory

tab completion(s)

Tab completion is also added to rake and cap commands:

rake db:mi<tab>
cap de<tab>

To speed things up, the results are cached in local .rake_tasks~ and .cap_tasks~. It is smart enough to expire the cache automatically in most cases, but you can simply remove the files to flush the cache.

There are a few key bindings set. Many of these require option to be set as the meta key. Option-left/right arrow will move cursor by word, and control-left/right will move to beginning and end of line. Control-option-N will open a new tab with the current directory under Mac OS X Terminal.

If there are some shell configuration settings which you want secure or specific to one system, place it into a ~/.localrc file. This will be loaded automatically if it exists.

git autocompletion

First symlink the git-completion script from the dotfiles repo:

ln -s bash/completion_scripts/git_completion ~/.git-completion.bash

Second, add this to your .localrc

if [ -f ~/.git-completion.bash ]; then
  . ~/.git-completion.bash

growlnotify replacement

If you want to use notification center instead of growlnotify (i.e. for git dude), you can:

sudo cp scripts/growlnotify-replacement /usr/local/bin/growlnotify; chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/growlnotify

allow underlining in terminal emacs under tmux

Taken from here. build a custom terminfo entry that clears ncv with a command like this:

{ infocmp -x screen-256color; printf '\t%s\n' 'ncv@,'; } > /tmp/t && tic -x /tmp/t

(when run as non-root, it will write a new screen-256color entry under ~/.terminfo/)

install jshint and jsxhint for editing js/jsx in emacs:

brew install node
npm install jshint -g
npm install jsxhint -g
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