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AndroFlubber is a simple but useful tool for podcasters. It is like a
stopwatch with a multi-lap timer on it, but a typical usage pattern is to
start the timer when you start a recording (audio or video), then if
someone makes a mistake that you want to come back and fix later, just hit
the FLUB! button and this records a timestamp. At the end of the recording
you stop the timer and then email the resulting flub list to yourself
(or someone else). The format is the same format Audacity uses for its
bookmarks, so you can simply import it there and see all the mistakes on
the timeline. There are a couple of little extras like the Java Posse theme
and the Whip It! button which plays random whip samples (this is a sound
effect we like to use on the Java Posse). Of course, if you want to
customize it to your own theme, by all means fork the project and change
the code.

AndroFlubber is open source under the Apache v2 license - at some point
I will put the real license file in place.

Right now there is no maven or ant build for it, but it is a straight
eclipse project and uses the Android SDK and eclipse plugin.