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  1 +AndroFlubber is a simple but useful tool for podcasters. It is like a
  2 +stopwatch with a multi-lap timer on it, but a typical usage pattern is to
  3 +start the timer when you start a recording (audio or video), then if
  4 +someone makes a mistake that you want to come back and fix later, just hit
  5 +the FLUB! button and this records a timestamp. At the end of the recording
  6 +you stop the timer and then email the resulting flub list to yourself
  7 +(or someone else). The format is the same format Audacity uses for its
  8 +bookmarks, so you can simply import it there and see all the mistakes on
  9 +the timeline. There are a couple of little extras like the Java Posse theme
  10 +and the Whip It! button which plays random whip samples (this is a sound
  11 +effect we like to use on the Java Posse). Of course, if you want to
  12 +customize it to your own theme, by all means fork the project and change
  13 +the code.
  14 +
  15 +AndroFlubber is open source under the Apache v2 license - at some point
  16 +I will put the real license file in place.
  17 +
  18 +Right now there is no maven or ant build for it, but it is a straight
  19 +eclipse project and uses the Android SDK and eclipse plugin.

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