Some sort of resource trading game built with jruby/rails3/neo4j
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      has :name (string)
      has :fame (number)
      has :gold (number)
      has :rank (string)

      has Allies (node type: Hero)
      has Enemies (node type: Hero)
      has Home (node type: Port) (edge attribute: reputation)
      has Crew
      has Fleet
      has Experience

    Port (node on a un-directed graph of the World)
      has :name

      has Nationality (node type: Nation)
      has Marketplace
          any marketable item produced to satisfy wants or needs

      has a Guild
      has a YeOldeInn
      has a Palace
      has a Lodge
      has a Shipyard
      has a Harbor

      has WantCommodities
      has NeedCommodities

      has Food
      has Water
      has Ship(s)
        Cargo Load

      has :energy
      has :loyalty

      - Build a fleet
      - Start doing small tasks for merchants
      - Gain fame and fortune by trading goods between ports
      - explore the far reaches of the known world
      - Start doing favours for the king to gain rank
      - start going to places really far from Europe
      - Start doing difficult tasks for guild masters and merchants
      - Start attacking pirate fleets
      - Kill some Turkish (or Spanish) warlord and save the princess

      Even after the king gives you a title, the 
      chancellor might get nervous about you hanging around the palace, and will throw
      you out. As your rank becomes higher though, the odds that he'll throw you out 
      become less and less.
      The higher your rank and fame, the more bartering power you have over merchants
      in Portugal-allied ports. If you say no to the shopkeeper (or that crook at the
      shipyard) when he tells you how much a unit of something costs, he may ask you 
      how much you'd be willing to pay. Depending on your rank/fame, you can rip him
      off big time. Thanks to Alex Shovkoplyas for this great tip.

      Promotions are earned upon passing certain milestones and meeting total fame requirements. Requirements for promotion in each individual area are separate, but the required fame is dependent upon your current rank. 

Your Quest

Your ancestors once enjoyed the luxuries of nobility until disaster reduced them to poverty and obscurity. To win Age-Of-Discovery you must gain fortune and fame through bold adventures, and restore your family name to honor.

Earn Gold

Start off trading with nearby ports. Discover where to buy and sell goods to make the best profit.

Gain Fame

To gain fame on the high seas you must...

  1. Invest in distant ports and gain allies for your home port Portugal.
  2. Fight Spanish and Turkish fleets.
  3. Rescue people in distress.
  4. Discover mysterious ports.

Rise in Rank

As your reputation grows the King of Portugal may get word of your travels. If you can satisfy the King's requests, he will honor you with a new rank. Keep your eye on the Duke's title!

Prepare for the Worst!

Treat your crew fairly and they will sail you safely through many adventures. But, as their captain you must be protected. Your family will never be restored to glory if you go down with your fleet! Stock your ships well; your crew needs energy to maneuver you through turbulent seas. If you're a true salt, you should complete your journey before 1522.

Calling at Port

Before you sail off, visit the port services. You are welcome to visit any place as many times as you like in one day, except for Ye Olde Inn, the Shipyand and the Palace. You will need to rest at the lodge after a call to any of these three spots.

  1. Guild - Barter for information on any nation, or buy special items.
  2. Ye Olde Inn - Recruit sailors, listen to gossip or play a game of cards.
  3. Marketplace - Buy and sell goods.
  4. Palace - Meet with the King or seek out the Princess.
  5. Lodge - Look over information about the port or your fleet while you rest your Fleet at Dock.
  6. Shipyard - Purchase ships and make repairs.
  7. Harbor - Stock up your fleet, transfer cargo, or set sail.
  8. The Hero - Manage your progress / player.

Sailing the high seas

  1. Sailing Map Check current and wind direction to navigate the smoothest route. Your fleet will pick up speed if you sail with the wind at your back. Sailing into the wind will strain the sails and slow you down. You can catch a crosswind and sail straight to your destination, but the winds change throughout the year. Catching an ocean current will also send your fleet smoothly along. Currents do not change. The fleet will be easier to handle as the Captain gains more sailing experience.

  2. Sailing Menu Options for sailing at sea, like direction, target port.

  3. Wind Direction & Velocity (1-8) - monitor which way the wind is blowing, and how fast the gusts are.

  4. Current (1-3) - monitor which way the ocean currents are flowing

  5. Days at Sea - monitor how many days you have been at sea

  6. Water - monitor how much water is left in your fleet

  7. Food - monitor how much food is left in your fleet


If caught in a typhoon, your ship may lose its rudder. The fleet will drift with the tide until repairs are made.

Overpowering Current!

Avoid strong ocean currents. Your fleet could be trapped off a desolate shore with no hope of escape. Be steady at the helm when you sail along the coastline!

Damaged Fleet!

If your fleet is damaged by heavy seas or war, debark at the nearest port and make repairs at the shipyard. Otherwise, go ashore somewhere and make repairs from your lumber supplies While ashore, your crew will not eat as much as they do at sea. Stock up on lumber before you set sail again.

Provisions run out!

Food and water is carried to supply your entire fleet. If one ship should run out of provisions it will be supplied from other ships.

If water runs low, go ashore in search of a fresh spring. The more experience you have, the easier it is to find water. Food can only be bought at port. Stock up on more food than water if you plan to search for a spring mid-journey.

Managing the hero

  • Rank - Fulfill royal requests for higher ranks

  • Home Port Fame - Reputation in your home port Has Maximum, but decays over time/based on last quest completed.

  • Gold - Deposit surplus at palace. Has Maximum, but you can partition your gold out among ports/palaces

  • Loyalty - How much trust your crew has in you 0.0f -> 1.0f

  • Battle Experience - Improves after a war.

  • Battle Level - Your Strength in battle increases with experience.

  • Sailing Experience - Improves while sailing and after finding ports

  • Sailing Level - Improves with sailing experience.

  • Characteristics - Set these values for your hero at begin of game

    • Sailing
      1. Leadership - Ability to lead the fleet
      2. Wisdom - Sense of mission
      3. Intelligence - Decision making
    • Battle
      1. Strength - Determination
      2. Courage - Bold spirit

Managing your fleet

  1. Durability - Strength of ship - Used to gauge flotation. Depends on the type of wood used in the hull.

  2. Power - Sailing speed - Depends on number and type of sails

  3. Handling - Strength against head winds - Depends on number and type of sails

  4. Cargo Load - Amount loaded on board - Larger ships can carry larger cargos.

  5. Crewmen - Sailors on board - Larger ships can bunk more sailors.

  6. Arms - Number and type of arms on board - A ship can only carry one type of gun, due to restrictions in ammo.

  7. Water, Food, Lumber - supplies for sailing - Replenish supplies at port. Transfer between ships to make room for other goods.

  8. Condition - Condition of crew - Depends on food and water rations.

     Crew condition drops when: 1) food or water runs out while sailing;
                                2) you flee from a battle;
                                3) you reduce sailors rations;
                                4) you recruit new mates;

Port Properties

This information is only available at the lodge

      Category        Max Value Information             Other
      --------------- --------- ----------------------- ----------------
      Economic Worth  1000      Success at market       Increases with investment.
        Investment    60,000    Income from adventurers
      Industrial worth 1000     Success at shipyard     Increases with investments
        Investment    60,000    Income from adventurers
      Support         100%      Which nations are       Depends on investments.
      Prices          150%      Port-wide price index   Average 100%.

      Category    Max Value Information             Other
      ----------- --------- ----------------------- ------------------
      Revenue     60,000    Economic power          Increases as nation gains
                                                    allies, and with investment.
      Hostility   100       Animosity for Hero      Affected when hero attacks
                                                    Spanish or Turkish fleets,
                                                    decreases over time.
      Friendship  100       Friendly ties with      Affects chances to gain allies
                            other nations.          and freely visit certain ports

Guild Menu Flow

  1. Purchase->ListOfItems->PickItem->ConfirmPurchase
  2. NationInformation->NationList->SelectNation->ConfirmPrice->ListRevenueHostilityFriendshipsToOthersAndAlly

Ye Olde Inn Menu Flow

      Crew.........Recruit....Recruit crewmen
                              Assign.....Reassign crewmen
                 Find Mates..............Hire mates to navigate
                 Quit Mates..............Fire lazy mates
                 Gossip..................Have dinner and listen for seafarer
                 Tip.....................Tip the waitress and listen for news
                 Gamble..................Play Poker or Black Jack


All Guild Items Have

  • Cost
  • Value

Telescope - Spy on distant fleets and spot ports.

  • Range
  • SkillBonus

Sextant - Measure latitude and longitude to calculate position. Speculum Map out your position. Amulets Protect from disaster on the high seas. Swords Gain strength in battle. Icons Fire cannons with accuracy. Treasure Gemmed treasures to present to the Princess.

Marketplace Sell....................Sell goods Buy.....................Buy goods View Market.............Check rates for specific markets Invest..................Invest to boost economic worth



Palace Meet King/Sultan........Meet ruler to view his influence in other lands Secret Call.............Court the Princess Request..........Funds..Request gold Crew...Request sailors Savings.................Deposit up to 10,000,000 gold in the ruler's care.

Lodge View.............Mates..Review your status or mates Fleet..Status of fleet Port...Port information Lodging.................Spend the night

Spice Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Southeast Asia, The Americas Pimento, Cloves Food Olive Oil, Grapes, Sugar, Europe, The Americas Cheese, Grain Metals Gold, Silver Africa, Asia Gems Quartz, Coral, Ivory, Pearl Africa, Middle East, The Americas Textiles Cotton, Raw Silk, Wool, Cloth, Europe & distributed throughout Silk world Other Firearms, Wood, Porcelain, Europe & distributed throughout Artwork, Carpet world

Shipyard Buy........Buy Used Ship....Buy a ship that has seen rough seas Build New Ship...Design a new ship Sell........................Sell a ship. Take all sailors off and bunk on other ships before sale (Ye Olde Inn-Crew) Fix.........................Make repairs to fleet Remodel....Guns.............Buy new guns. The shipyard master will buy old guns for 1/2 price. Sails............Change sails Figurehead.......Adorn bow of ship for good luck Rename Ship......Rename for a small fee

Harbor Sail...........Shove off for a new adventure. Be sure to stock up for the voyage ahead Restock........Restock water, food and lumber Transfer.......Transfer supplies between ships

Restock->RestockWaterOrFoodOrLumber->ListShipsWithLoadAndMax->SelectShip->SelectAmount->ConfirmPrice Water can be free->SelectAmount Sail->ConfirmDaysAtSea

Move Direction Tack to change direction. Cast Anchor Furl the sails and drop anchor. Use the same command to set sail again. Look Inspect Send up a lookout with a telescope to spy on a distant fleet or port. Survey Use sextant to calculate your position. Negotiate Exchange news with a nearby fleet. Battle Attack a nearby fleet under the light of day. Debark Port Call Pull into harbor. Go Ashore Drop anchor and row to land. Information Fleet View status of fleet. (Info) Cargo Review goods on board. Land You need one special item to view a map of the shoreline. Mates View the status of your mates or yourself. Items Check items in your keep. Order Ration Change food and water rations for crew. Distribute Reward a mate with a bit o'gold. Personnel Reassign navigators or flagship. Dispose Scuttle a ship in the deep blue. To scrap flagship, first reassign Captain to another vessel.

Shore comands Sail..........................Set sail into the mighty deep. Fix...........................Use the lumber on board to make repairs to fleet. Wait..........................Wait out a fleet from your position. Push A to give further orders. Search........Water...........Search for a fresh spring. Treasure........Treasure hunt. Are you on a specific quest? Transfer......Crew............Reassign crewmen to other vessels. Cargo...........Transfer any cargo between ships.