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base fork: diclophis/emscripten
head fork: diclophis/emscripten
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Commits on Apr 18, 2012
@diclophis Make src/shell.html HTML5 compliant by fixing incorrect DOM around he…
…ad/body tags, also declare a new CSS class 'emscripten' and make all generated elements use it so that we can prevent collision of additional elements if a developer chooses to modify this page and add additional elements, plus remove inline styles
@diclophis Add jbardin to AUTHORS f3194e2
@kripken kripken sanity check for java 39f0d31
@kripken kripken Merge pull request #397 from diclophis/html5_shell
Make src/shell.html valid HTML5
@kripken kripken do not specify canvas size in css, to allow code to modify the size m…
…ore easily
@kripken kripken SDL_WarpMouse d31e5fe
@kripken kripken make GLEmulation depend on everything, we will be adding a lot more t…
@kripken kripken make GL emulation automatically look for ARB-less names 17ee266
@kripken kripken fix typos ad36331
@kripken kripken glGet workaround for GL_MAX_TEXTURE_COORDS 781922b
@kripken kripken stub for glBindProgramARB dd3adf7
@kripken kripken fix shader generator b89463c
Commits on Apr 19, 2012
@kripken kripken do not exit the runtime if doing anything async adde613
@kripken kripken some vector immediate mode functions f9564dc
@kripken kripken Mix_CloseAudio 1e60091
@prenaux prenaux [src/library.js]: Added llvm_invariant_start/end so that code linking…
… to pre-optimized LLVM bit code works correctly ;
@prenaux prenaux [src/library.js]: Added llvm_bswap_i16 ; 8356efd
@prenaux prenaux [tests/hello_world_gles.c]: Added F11 to go in fullscreen mode (to te…
…st the glutFullScreen implementation) ;
@prenaux prenaux [src/library_gl.js]: Added glGetString(GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION) ; 440d678
@prenaux prenaux [src/library_glut.js]: Fullscreen mode fix, quoted variables that wer…
…e renamed by Closure in optimized build ;
@kripken kripken disable bugger SDL_WarpMouse for now 7fe2743
@kripken kripken add emscripten_async_run_script 3b725e2
@kripken kripken clearer warnings on casts that change the number of function parameters 8cbede3
@kripken kripken zext sign correction for bitcasting from <32 bits to i64 a00c765
@kripken kripken Merge pull request #359 from prenaux/develop
library.js, added llvm_invariant_start/end & llvm_bswap_i16 ; hello_world_gles.c, added F11 for fullscreen ;
@kripken kripken tiny cleanup in gl code e17794c
@kripken kripken refactor immediate mode code 8303c63
@kripken kripken prepare to support some amount of color-only immediate mode c567422
@kripken kripken add single-color immediate mode test (with wrong color, but better th…
…an nothing)
Commits on Apr 20, 2012
@kripken kripken clean up immediate mode code and optimize to not use indexes when not…
… necessary
@kripken kripken misc emulation workarounds 0475313
@kripken kripken some color and normal stubs for immediate mode 2ee7320
@kripken kripken glColor4fv stub 4182870
@kripken kripken some fake support for gl texture matrix 5369885
@kripken kripken do not repeat function pointer casting warnings too often f8f95c6
@kripken kripken VERBOSE option 96f46bb
@kripken kripken clear cache on non-forced sanity checks if the config file changed 5c54c33
@kripken kripken optimize strspn and strcspn abd9d72
@kripken kripken refactoring for multiple client textures 1033b78
@kripken kripken stub for glGetFloat of GL_FOG_COLOR 89c6df3
@kripken kripken todo for multitextures in client attribute emulation 80abde2
@kripken kripken make gl debugging switchable at runtime (if GL_DEBUG was set at compi…
…le time)
@kripken kripken workaround for suffix EXT in addition to ARB for older gl funcs 3762c4a
@kripken kripken comment on temp dir in 1924b6e
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