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What is this?

This project aims at providing a dashboard (ElasticSearch-Kibana-based) that allow developers and managers to understand how the code review process takes place. This will specifically help to improve the code review process thanks to the capabilities of Kibana, that allows to drill down till the specific Patch Series or Patches of interest.

Having a better way to identify bottlenecks in the community is expected to help the rest of the overall process.

In addition to this, this dashboard also provides information about developers and organizations involved in the development of Xen. This helps to understand the general structure and its main actors involved in the project.

How can you help to improve?

This project is a shared effort between the Xen community and Bitergia. If you have any questions, please look for us at:

Further steps

  • Improve the matching between commits and patches.
  • This is based on the comparison between the commit message and the Patch subject.
  • Improve the thread detection.
  • This is heavily based on regular expressions. As this code review process is not that formal if Patchbomb extension is not used, corner cases may appear.
  • Examples of Threads not covered by this version of the analysis
  • Keyword PATCH and version together:
 Thread error Error parsing header: [PATCHv1 net] xen-netfront: request Tx response events more often
  • Oddities in the number of total patches:
  Thread error Error parsing header: [PATCH v8 0/<VARIOUS>] Begin to  disentangle libxenctrl and provide some stable libraries
  • RFC Patches
  Thread error Error parsing header: [PATCH RFC] xen/Kconfig: Use olddefconfig not silentoldconfig to update .config
  • Other tags not covered such as LIBVIRT
  Thread error Error parsing header: [PATCH LIBVIRT v2] libxl: Support cmdline= in xl config files
  • Responses as initiating a thread:
  ERROR: not valid thread - Re: [PATCH V13 3/5] libxl: add pvusb API
  • Marking a specific project between the version and the serie:
  Thread error Error parsing header: [PATCH v5 for Xen 4.7 0/4] Enable per-VCPU parameter settings for RTDS scheduler
  • Not expected words in the tag:
  Thread error Error parsing header: [PATCH, RESEND] xen: allocate gntdev_copy_batch dynamically

Other communities of interest

  • The Linux kernel uses a similar approach.

Similar projects

  • Patchwork is a project with a different goal, but uses the same data sources such as the mailing lists as its primary one.
  • Patchbomb is a tool used for sending patches to the mailing list for the Xen community.

Other links of interest


This repository contains the tools and method follow to produce code review dashboards for the Xen community







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