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* Make completing code this work: Dir.entries( '.' )
* Make RVM's irbrc work
* Write docs for using a as library. Probably right after creating a Cocoa client.
* Write a not useless README.
* Add specs for irb/driver/socket, and possibly for bin/dietrb.
* Configurable history file? (:HISTORY_FILE) Configurable number of saved history lines? (:SAVE_HISTORY)
* Make sure the following formatters work: hirb, and looksee
* Make sure the majority of the utils in utility_belt work
* Possibly add copy-paste support as an ext

= Config

Add a global config. Modules such as the formatter can register options with it.
The modules must always check the global config, unless the option has been
explicitely overriden on the module instance. See config_prototype.rb
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