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= CSV Builder
The CSV Builder Rails plugin provides a simple templating system for serving
dynamically generated CSV files from your application.
== Requirements
CSV Builder requires Rails v2.1.
It also depends upon the FasterCSV gem,
which you can install with
$ sudo gem install fastercsv
== Example
CSV template files are suffixed with '.csv.csvbuilder', for example
Add rows to your CSV file in the template by pushing arrays of columns into the
csv object.
# First row
csv << [ 'cell 1', 'cell 2' ]
# Second row
csv << [ 'another cell value', 'and another' ]
# etc...
You can set the default filename for that a browser will use for 'save as' by
setting <tt>@filename</tt> instance variable in your controller's action method
@filename = 'report.csv'
You can also set the input encoding and output encoding by setting
<tt>@input_encoding</tt> and <tt>@output_encoding</tt> instance variables.
These default to 'UTF-8' and 'LATIN1' respectively. e.g.
@output_encoding = 'UTF-8'
You can also attach a csv file to mail sent out by your application by
including a snippet like the following in your mailer method
attachment "text/csv" do |attachment|
attachment.body = render(:file => 'example/index.csv.csvbuilder')
attachment.filename = 'report.csv'
You can change the separator character and that is as simple as writing this in your controller's
action method:
csv_builder :sep => ';'
Actually, all default FasterCSV options can be overriden thanks to the previous statement.
Copyright (c) 2008, released under the MIT license
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