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What is Fibercoin(FBC)?

Fibercoin – Fast Blockchain Cash is an open-source, blockchain-based cryptocurrency that aims to provide users with fast transactions, low fees, high network decentralization, and a simple, secure, private, and stable digital transaction experience. It was launched to address the needs of small investors who get caught up in the waves and frenzy created by the huge investors. The Fibercoin project aims to be a consistently profitable long-term cryptocurrency project, offering a real, authentic, and tangible business project in a world of unreal, intangible, and virtual currencies.

Fibercoin uses a combination of Masternodes and Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithms to secure its network. The first few blocks were generated by Proof of Work Quark Algorithm, and further generation of new blocks is done by Masternodes with PoS Algorithm. A total of 10,000 FBC is required to run a Masternode, while the minimum stake age has been set to 5 hours.

Fibercoin's development team will develop different projects that use the implementation of Fibercoin as payment for various services. The project proposals will be voted on by community members, and the highest voted project ideas will then go into the funding stages and start the process by the development team. Projects will run separately from Fibercoin itself and generate profit like any normal business. The Fibercoin project parts will be decentralized and markets where the community will determine the price.

Fibercoin is a fork of the PIVX codebase, and as a PoS cryptocurrency, it is significantly better for the environment than PoW-focused cryptocurrencies due to its lower energy consumption requirements.

Briefly Fibercoin Specification

Coin NameFibercoin
Coin TickerFBC
Consensus mechanismMasternode/PoS
Masternode Collateral10,000 FBC
Block reward4-33 FBC
Masternode reward70%-90%
PoS reward10%-30%
Minimum Stake Age5 hours
Block spacing4 minutes
Difficulty RetargetingEvery 40 minutes
Premine2,100,000 (2,1 million) FBC
Total supply21,000,000 (21 million) FBC
RPC Port33114
P2P/MN port30114

Reward Distribution Structure

Genesis Block
Block HeightReward Amount
12,100,000 FBC
PoW Phase
Block HeightReward Amount
2-2004 FBC
Masternode/PoS Rewards Breakdown
PhaseBlock HeightTotal RewardMasternodesPoS
Phase 1201-50,0004 FBC70% (2.80 FBC)30% (1.20 FBC)
Phase 250,001-100,0006 FBC71% (4.26 FBC)29% (1.74 FBC)
Phase 3100,001-150,0008 FBC72% (5.76 FBC)28% (2.24 FBC)
Phase 4150,001-200,00010 FBC73% (7.30 FBC)27% (2.70 FBC)
Phase 5200,001-250,00012 FBC74% (8.88 FBC)26% (3.12 FBC)
Phase 6250,001-300,00014 FBC75% (10.50 FBC)25% (3.50 FBC)
Phase 7300,001-350,00016 FBC76% (12.16 FBC)24% (3.84 FBC)
Phase 8350,001-400,00018 FBC77% (13.86 FBC)23% (4.14 FBC)
Phase 9400,001-450,00020 FBC78% (15.60 FBC)22% (4.40 FBC)
Phase 10450,001-500,00022 FBC79% (17.38 FBC)21% (4.62 FBC)
Phase 11500,001-550,00024 FBC80% (19.20 FBC)20% (4.80 FBC)
Phase 12550,001-600,00023 FBC81% (18.63 FBC)19% (4.37 FBC)
Phase 13600,001-650,00022 FBC82% (18.04 FBC)18% (3.96 FBC)
Phase 14650,001-700,00021 FBC83% (17.43 FBC)17% (3.57 FBC)
Phase 15700,001-750,00020 FBC84% (16.80 FBC)16% (3.20 FBC)
Phase 16750,001-800,00019 FBC85% (16.15 FBC)15% (2.85 FBC)
Phase 17800,001-850,00018 FBC86% (15.48 FBC)14% (2.52 FBC)
Phase 18850,001-900,00017 FBC87% (14.79 FBC)13% (2.21 FBC)
Phase 19900,001-950,00016 FBC88% (14.08 FBC)12% (1.92 FBC)
Phase 20950,001- ∞15 FBC90% (13.50 FBC)10% (1.50 FBC)
Superblock Algorithm
ConditionIn every 10,000 blocks, 33 FBC will be awarded to 33 blocks
From Block Height 10,000 to 10,033Total reward for block: 33 FBC
From Block Height 20,000 to 20,033Total reward for block: 33 FBC
From Block Height 30,000 to 30,033Total reward for block: 33 FBC