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What is New808coin(N808)?

New808coin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with a primary focus on energy-efficiency and music. The New808coin Network makes use of only Proof-of-Stake mining, in the form of masternodes and staking. This means that the New808coin blockchain has a very low impact on the environment and ensures that scaling will be a smooth transition in future.

New808coin uses a combination of Masternodes with PoS (Proof of stake) to secure the cryptocurrency network.

The first consecutive blocks contain premine; and additionally the coins allocated for the user coin swap, destined for holders of the old PoW/PoS 808coin. Masternode Collateral is changing with block height and the minimum stake age has been set to 80.8 hours.

Briefly New808coin Specification

Coin NameNew808coin
Coin TickerN808
Consensus mechanismMasternode/PoS
Masternode Collateral2,500-100,000 N808
Block reward4-100 N808
Masternode reward85%-90%
PoS reward10%-15%
Minimum Stake Age80.8 hours
Block spacing4 minutes
Difficulty RetargetingEvery 80 minutes
Premine2,100,000 (2,1 million) N808
Total supply21,000,000 (21 million) N808
RPC Port8089
P2P/MN port33808

Reward Distribution Structure

Genesis Block
Block HeightReward Amount
12,100,000 N808
PoW Phase
Block HeightReward Amount
2-808808 N808
Masternode/PoS Rewards Breakdown
PhaseCollateralBlock HeightTotal RewardMasternodesPoS
Phase 12,500 N808809-42,00042 N80885% (35.7 N808)15% (6.30 N808)
Phase 22,500 N80842,001-100,00040 N80885% (34.00 N808)15% (6.00 N808)
Phase 32,500 N808100,001-130,00033 N80885% (28.05 N808)15% (4.95 N808)
Phase 45,000 N808130,001-140,0004 N80885% (3.40 N808)15% (0.60 N808)
Phase 510,000 N808140,001-155,0008 N80886% (6.88 N808)14% (1.12 N808)
Phase 625,000 N808155,001-400,00016 N80887% (13.92 N808)13% (2.08 N808)
Phase 725,000 N808400,001-500,00032 N80888% (28.16 N808)12% (3.84 N808)
Phase 825,000 N808500,001- ∞64 N80889% (56.96 N808)11% (7.04 N808)
Superblock Algorithm
ConditionIf block height is divided to 808 the reward will 808 New808coin
At Block Height: 808Total reward: 808 N808
At Block Height: 1616Total reward: 808 N808
At Block Height: 2424Total reward: 808 N808