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What is Fibercoin(FBC)?

Fibercoin – Fast Blockchain Cash is an open source, blockchain-based cryptocurrency with fast transactions, low fees, high network decentralization, and provide users with a simple, secure, private, and stable digital transactions.

Fibercoin launched out as a coin to address the needs of small investors who get caught up in the waves and frenzy created by the huge investors. The Fibercoin project will aim to be a consistently profitable long term crypto currency project. In a world of unreal, intangible and virtual currencies, Fibercoin will strive to be a real, authentic and tangible business project. Fibercoin is a fork of the PIVX codebase; which uses a combination of Masternodes with PoS (Proof of stake) to secure the cryptocurrency network.

The first consecutive blocks contain premine; and additionally the coins allocated for the user coin swap, destined for holders of the previous PoW/PoS version of Fibercoin. A total of 10,000 FBC is required to run a masternode; while the minimum stake age has been set to 5 hours.

Briefly Fibercoin Specification

Coin NameFibercoin
Coin TickerFBC
Consensus mechanismMasternode/PoS
Masternode Collateral10,000 FBC
Block reward4-33 FBC
Masternode reward70%-90%
PoS reward10%-30%
Minimum Stake Age5 hours
Block spacing4 minutes
Difficulty RetargetingEvery 40 minutes
Premine2,100,000 (2,1 million) FBC
Total supply21,000,000 (21 million) FBC
RPC Port33114
P2P/MN port30114

Reward Distribution Structure

Genesis Block
Block HeightReward Amount
12,100,000 FBC
PoW Phase
Block HeightReward Amount
2-2004 FBC
Masternode/PoS Rewards Breakdown
PhaseBlock HeightTotal RewardMasternodesPoS
Phase 1201-50,0004 FBC70% (2.80 FBC)30% (1.20 FBC)
Phase 250,001-100,0006 FBC71% (4.26 FBC)29% (1.74 FBC)
Phase 3100,001-150,0008 FBC72% (5.76 FBC)28% (2.24 FBC)
Phase 4150,001-200,00010 FBC73% (7.30 FBC)27% (2.70 FBC)
Phase 5200,001-250,00012 FBC74% (8.88 FBC)26% (3.12 FBC)
Phase 6250,001-300,00014 FBC75% (10.50 FBC)25% (3.50 FBC)
Phase 7300,001-350,00016 FBC76% (12.16 FBC)24% (3.84 FBC)
Phase 8350,001-400,00018 FBC77% (13.86 FBC)23% (4.14 FBC)
Phase 9400,001-450,00020 FBC78% (15.60 FBC)22% (4.40 FBC)
Phase 10450,001-500,00022 FBC79% (17.38 FBC)21% (4.62 FBC)
Phase 11500,001-550,00024 FBC80% (19.20 FBC)20% (4.80 FBC)
Phase 12550,001-600,00023 FBC81% (18.63 FBC)19% (4.37 FBC)
Phase 13600,001-650,00022 FBC82% (18.04 FBC)18% (3.96 FBC)
Phase 14650,001-700,00021 FBC83% (17.43 FBC)17% (3.57 FBC)
Phase 15700,001-750,00020 FBC84% (16.80 FBC)16% (3.20 FBC)
Phase 16750,001-800,00019 FBC85% (16.15 FBC)15% (2.85 FBC)
Phase 17800,001-850,00018 FBC86% (15.48 FBC)14% (2.52 FBC)
Phase 18850,001-900,00017 FBC87% (14.79 FBC)13% (2.21 FBC)
Phase 19900,001-950,00016 FBC88% (14.08 FBC)12% (1.92 FBC)
Phase 20950,001- ∞15 FBC90% (13.50 FBC)10% (1.50 FBC)
Superblock Algorithm
ConditionIn every 10,000 blocks, 33 FBC will be awarded to 33 blocks
From Block Height 10,000 to 10,033Total reward for block: 33 FBC
From Block Height 20,000 to 20,033Total reward for block: 33 FBC
From Block Height 30,000 to 30,033Total reward for block: 33 FBC