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@@ -5,20 +5,19 @@ The _span-requests_ is your interlocutor when working with a span database. This
When span loads a project, it adds all the keys found in the file to the root of span database, and add a copy of all its file structure with keys and sub-keys but without values. It will be used to know what to save in each project.
# default-keys
-1. system
+1. system
_**system**_ is a dictionary which is only used by the system. No human intervention is wished here.
-1. preferences
+1. preferences
_**preferences**_ is a dictionary where your computer-preferences are stocked.
0/1 : Do you want that span comment each step of its life?
0/1 : Do you want that span load the last project after loading?
the path of the last projet
-1. projectinfo
+1. projectinfo
_**projectinfo**_ gives you when the project has been created, with which app, version etc…
-1. paths
+1. paths
_**paths**_ contains all file or folder paths. You can know their type, and some tags associeted.
-1. namespace
+1. namespace
_**namespace**_ contains the whole namespace of the project
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