Personal cheat sheets for some of my university courses.
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What is this?

Share your cheat sheets, collaboratively create cheat sheets, or add any useful free and open source cheat sheets by others.

Adding your cheat sheet?

If you're contributing, you're free to choose any free or open source software license(s) for your cheat sheet(s). If you do choose one, make sure to include a license notice inside or alongside your file so others are aware of the license.

Be careful!

It's suggested that you create your own cheat sheets for tests. That way you easily learn the material while writing your cheat sheet. Writing your own cheat sheet also means that it'll support your learning style and focus on the material you want. If you prefer, you can make derivative cheat sheets from those that are found here.

If your cheat sheet contains solutions to old assignments, please ask your instructor/professor for permission to post it first. You'll most likely be able to, but it's safer to check before posting.


Some cheat sheets will already be in a readable format, but some are in LaTeX.

To compile the document source and produce a PDF:

$ pdflatex cheat-sheet.tex