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A bare-simple TailwindCSS + Parcel boilerplate that Just Works™
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TailwindCSS + Parcel + PurgeCSS Starter Project 🌀📦

A bare-simple Tailwind CSS + ParcelJS boilerplate. Uses PurgeCSS in production builds.

Want to learn some more about TailwindCSS? Check out my post.

TailwindCSS + Parcel

Getting started

Create your project folder.

$ mkdir <my-project> && cd <my-project>

Run build script using npx.

$ npx tailwindcss-parcel-boilerplate

Then just run npm run dev, open your favourite text editor and voilà!

If you only want to install the dependencies, run npx tailwindcss-parcel-boilerplate deps

Building for production

This projects includes a nice streamlined production flow. You can run either npm run build or npm run prod to run a production build. Files will end up in /dist.

$ npm run build


I'm always open for new ideas. If there's anything you'd like to see added to this project or if you find a bug, don't hesitate to submit an issue or send a pull request.

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