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This repository contains the minimal app to get started with redux, react, hot-reloading, async function and some other great stuffs.

How to

yarn 0.18+ must be present on your machine.


Run webpack-dev-server, get ready to code with hot reloading

yarn start


Share your localhost running app to anyone with an internet connection

yarn ngrok


Bundle your app. It will create index.html, main.[hash].js, vendor.[hash].js and manifest.[hash].js

yarn build

Run your build

yarn prod


surge ./dist -d

Github Pages

mv dist docs
git push upstream master

Then go to your repository, Settings -> Options -> Github Pages and select /docs folder

What's inside ?

👉 package.json


If you have not already done so, move to Chrome and install react-developer-tools & redux-devtools


If you don't care about the process or you don't want to play with your config try create-react-app