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Welcome to the SymPortal wiki!

For a brief introduction to the SymPortal framework see here.

The SymPortal manuscript

See the associated manuscript here.

Running SymPortal

Getting started with a local instance of the SymPortal framework

  • Set up SymPortal on your machine.
  • Run a local SymPortal analysis.
  • Query your new SymPortal database.

Documentation for previous versions

Starting with v0.3.17. See here

Submitting data to the remote instance hosted at

Whilst we would very much like to have a 'submit data' button on the webpage that would allow users to upload their data directly in their browser, this is currently not feasible due to:

  • the size of data uploads,
  • the user technical expertise required to use some of the more appropriate file transfer protocols,
  • and importantly the need to safeguard against the attack of the website by mass uploads from robots.

As a compromise, upload to the remote SymPortal instance is currently achieved via an upload link. To obtain an upload link please email

By submitting your data to the central database you will benefit from the full resolving power of the thousands of samples that have already been analyzed!

For more information on data ownership and public access to the SymPortal remote database please see here.