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FastLegs include/join for multi-relationship tables/ circular dependency #38

gahula opened this Issue October 14, 2012 · 3 comments

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gahula Jan Paul Erkelens

I currently have run into two (2) roadblocks with FastLegs

  1. Joining by columns other than the primary key. How can i join two tables using other columns than the primary key? ... I may want to join a table by the author_id (not a pk) (product reviews model) and id (pk) (users model)

  2. Accessing defined models anywhere in the file, I may have to create a join for a model that comes after the model i am defining. i.e. circular dependancy ?


USERS have many REVIEWS have many USERS (authors)

Jan Paul Erkelens

Hey. We've been quiet on this project for a while, but we're starting to try to pick up again. Hopefully we can get to this in the next week or two. Can you explain the second point about circular dependencies a little more? We typically define a model in its own file and require them, you should be able to create those dependencies that way. However, we haven't run performance tests on something like that, so I can't guarantee good results.


It is a great project, I am sure all users appreciate the effort.

circular depency (in terms of the variables) e.g.

USERS receive many reviews... REVIEWS are made by many USERS

var Reviews = FastLegS.Base.extend({
tableName: 'reviews',
primaryKey: 'id'
_fields: [
{ 'column_name': 'user_id' },
{ 'column_name': 'author_id' },
{ 'column_name': 'id' },
{ 'column_name': 'comment' }

var Users = FastLegS.Base.extend({
tableName: 'users',
primaryKey: 'id',
_fields: [
{ 'column_name': 'id' },
{ 'column_name': 'first' },
{ 'column_name': 'last' }
many: [
{ 'reviews': Reviews, joinOn: 'user_id' },
//**{'users': Users, joinOn: 'user_id'} Reviews may have many authors, however Users would be UNdefined (yes i know i presently wouldn't be able to connect using user_id).

If i wanted to perform a join on users and reviews; and at the sametime get the author of those reviews it would NOT be possible since (see **)

User.find({ '': ['1', '2', '3'] }, {
only: ['id', 'first', 'last'],
order: ['-first'],
include: { 'reviews': {
//** There is no way i can include users here again since i cant say
//** include on reviews.author_id =
//** FastLegs always assFK to a PK OR two columns that are not Keys
}, function(err, results) {


Relationships will have to be defined outside of the models for e.g. OR they are too tightly coupled to the model.

gahula gahula closed this April 21, 2013
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