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Improved many-to-many support. #31

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toots commented Jan 26, 2012

This PR provides an enhanced many-to-many support. It works that way:

Foo = FastLegS.Base.extend
  tableName  : "foos"
  primaryKey : "id"

Bar = FastLegS.Base.extend
  tableName  : "bars"
  primaryKey : "id"

FooBar = FastLegS.Base.extend
  tableName   : "foos_bars"
  foreignKeys : {
    model : Foo,
    key   : "foo_id" }, {
    model : Bar,
    key   : "bar_id" } ]

Foo.many = [ {
    bars  : Bar,
    assoc : FooBar } ]

Bar.many = [ {
    foos  : Foo,
    assoc : FooBar } ]

The old joinOn : "foo.bar_id" is dropped.

Also. includes.join is changed. It is now:

Foo.find { id : id }, {
  includes : {
    join : {
      model : Bar,
      key   : "foo_id"
}, ...

Hey toots! You made this request nearly a year ago. Our apologies for taking so long to respond. The code has diverged quite a bit since you made this pull request, including support for MySQL now.

However, I integrated your changes into the latest version as many-to-many relationships were basically broken and I like the syntax you proposed.

I'd like to give you the proper credit, but I am not sure of the best way. I acknowledged you in the comments, but if you'd like, you could do a new fork, update the file adding yourself as a contributor and then do a new pull request,

What do you think?

@dogeared dogeared closed this Dec 17, 2012
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