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ARCUEID README -- Important introductory notes.
Copyright (C) 2009,2010,2011,2012 Rafael R. Sevilla
See the end for copying conditions.

This is Arcueid, an implementation of Paul Graham's Arc dialect of
Lisp in C.

The main core library, libarcueid, is licensed under the GNU Lesser
General public license.  The main REPL interpreter, arcueid is
licensed under the GPL.

See NEWS for recent changes.  See the file in the main
directory of the distribution for current functionality status.  It's
an Emacs org-mode file (just plain text), not a URL! Note: The URL is as of this writing a fan site for the anime/visual
novel Tsukihime: Lunar Legend (真月譚月姫), which should explain
where the name 'Arcueid' comes from. :)

The Git repository is available for anonymous clone at
git://  Do note that it is under heavy
development and may not always be stable!

A development blog is available here:

A wiki with some notes which may or may not be useful to others is

Please report any problems with Arcueid on the project's Github
issue tracker:

For more information on the Arc dialect of Lisp, see the Arc Language

If you are building this from a source tarball, the usual ./configure;
make; make install combo should work, but you will get an Arcueid REPL
executable without Readline support if the readline development
headers are not installed (libreadline-dev on Debian/Ubuntu), and you
may have to add --disable-bignum if you do not have the GMP
development headers (libgmp-dev on Debian/Ubuntu, but this is not
recommended: Arcueid has not been very well tested without GMP).  Add
--enable-unit-tests to enable unit tests (requires GNU Check), and add
--enable-tracing to build with the bytecode tracer (this causes a
performance hit so it is not enabled by default).

If you are trying to build this by cloning the Git repository
(git://, you need the following
prerequisites installed:

- The autotools: autoconf, automake, and libtool.
- GNU MP and any development headers (libgmp and libgmp-dev on
- GNU Check (, available under the package
  name 'check' on Ubuntu)
- GNU Readline and any development headers (libreadline-dev)
- pkg-config (,
  pkg-config on Ubuntu/Debian)

You need all of this since the process will create a complete
configure script and all the development dependency headers are
required for it to generate the rules for all the checks configure has
to perform.  Once all these prerequisites are installed run autoreconf
-i in the main directory.  This should generate a configure script and's, and from there it should be possible to do ./configure
; make ; make install.

Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.


A C interpreter for Paul Graham's Arc dialect of Lisp







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