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&L - code for "left section"

&C - code for "center section".

&R - code for "right section".

(there are three header / footer locations, "left", "center", and "right"). When two or more occurrences of a section marker exist, the contents from all identical markers are concatenated, in the order of appearance, and placed into the section section. 

font styles

&font size - code for "text font size", where font size is a font size in points.

&K - code for "text font color" - RGB Color is specified as RRGGBB - Theme Color is specified as TTSNN where TT is the theme color Id, S is either "+" or "-" of the tint/shade value, NN is the tint/shade value.

&"font name,font type" - code for "text font name" and "text font type" where font name and font type are strings specifying the name and type of the font, separated by a comma. When a hyphen appears in font name it means none specified. Both of font name and font type can be localized values. Although ISO/IEC 14496-22 permits commas in font family/subfamily/full names, name and font type , the lexically first comma in the font name is the one recognized as the separating comma.

&"-,Bold" - code for "bold font style"

&B - also means "bold font style".

&"-,Regular" - code for "regular font style"

&"-,Italic" - code for "italic font style" &I - also means "italic font style"

&"-,Bold Italic" code for "bold italic font style"

&S - code for "text strikethrough" on / off &X - code for "text super script" on / off &Y - code for "text subscript" on / off 

Workbook info and page numbering

&P - code for "current page #" &N - code for "total pages" &D - code for "date" &T - code for "time" &G - code for "picture as background" &U - code for "text single underline" &E - code for "double underline" &Z - code for "this workbook's file path" &F - code for "this workbook's file name" &A - code for "sheet tab name" &+ - code for add to page #. &- - code for subtract from page #.

&O - code for "outline style" &H - code for "shadow style"