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jRails is a drop-in jQuery replacement for the Rails Prototype/ helpers.

This is a fork of the original jRails plugin ( Main differences:

  • Requires Rails 3, sprockets and sprockets-rails.

  • No generators, javascript files are in jrails/javascripts and can be included in application.js using sprockets' require directive.

Included javascript libraries:

  • jQuery 1.6.2

  • jQuery UI 1.8.14 (including jQuery UI i18n)

  • jRails 0.1


Install the plugin with rails plugin install git://

Add require directives to your application.js file:

//= require <jquery>
//= require <jquery-ui>
//= require <jrails>

// Optional:
//= require <jquery-ui-i18n>

Or, if you want to use the minified javascript files:

//= require <jquery.min>
//= require <jquery-ui.min>
//= require <jrails.min>

// Optional:
//= require <jquery-ui-i18n.min>

Rake Tasks

  • rake jrails:js:scrub # remove prototype and scriptaculous files


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