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Commits on Feb 10, 2016
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: JavaScript, javascript-eslint

    noniq committed
    JavaScript.tmbundle: 614087f..99ba400
      * 99ba400 Don't highlight valid ES6 keywords as illegal. (Stefan Daschek)
        See textmate/javascript.tmbundle#38
      * 0297d8d Add `of` to list of recognized operators. (Stefan Daschek)
      * 3496dc7 Add support for ES6 template strings. (Stefan Daschek)
        See textmate/javascript.tmbundle#45
    javascript-eslint.tmbundle: a10fe7d..f4c1dec
      * f4c1dec Change keybinding for “validate” to ^L (Stefan Daschek)
        Matches old JSLintMate bundle.
      * 522775f Only show tooltip with result summary on save. (Stefan Daschek)
        Detailled info is now available via gutter marks anyways.
      * 2b0dd24 Create gutter marks for issues. (Stefan Daschek)
Commits on Feb 9, 2016
  1. @noniq
  2. @noniq

    Update upstream urls

    noniq committed
  3. @noniq
Commits on Jan 26, 2016
  1. @noniq
Commits on Jan 19, 2016
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: HTML, JavaScript, RSpec, Ruby on Rails

    noniq committed
    HTML.tmbundle: 722c7ad..4de5e84
      * 5864072 Correct indentation rules for <wbr> tag (Michael Sheets)
        This tag is always stand alone (no closing tag).
      * 36b90bc Remove conditional from Preview in All Active Browsers (Michael Sheets)
        This is no longer needed as support was cut for 10.4 and under long ago.
      * d277841 Switch to pure AppleScript for Refresh Running Browser(s) (Michael Sheets)
        This simplifies the script as Safari has ballooned into many separate
        processes some which are left open without Safari. Removes support for
        Internet Explorer because… yeah… also removes support for OmniWeb as
        will not currently run under El Capitan. Adds support for WebKit nightly
        Note: Due to AppleScript features used this now requires 10.5+
      * a0bc0c4 Disable tag snippets inside PHP and other embedded code (Michael Sheets)
    JavaScript.tmbundle: d46006f..614087f
      * 60253f4 Change function calls from meta.function to meta.function-call (Michael Sheets)
        Some themes target this scope for coloring, while not a standard it has
        been used in many other grammars.
    RSpec.tmbundle: 6e00ed3..280c3d1
      * 280c3d1 Extend “First Line Match” pattern to include "rails_helper". (Stefan Daschek)
        For Rails projects using RSpec 3.
        (This should had been fixed by #94, but I was somehow confused and
        merged the wrong thing.)
      * 86a9651 Add an `allow` snippet (Josh Lubaway)
        Tab trigger `all`.
           allow(book).to receive(:title) { "The RSpec Book" }
      * 9ecc3ee fix for rspec 3 (railsme)
    Ruby on Rails.tmbundle: cf6751c..e8fbc3e
      * cd9138c Export RUBYLIB variable (Mike McQuaid)
        This is needed for it to be passed into subprocesses. If you're using
        `rbenv` or some other Ruby wrappers this is needed and has no harm when
        it is not needed.
Commits on Jan 15, 2016
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: RSpec, Ruby on Rails, Shell Script

    noniq committed
    RSpec.tmbundle: 26d04c7..6e00ed3
      * 6e00ed3 Fix errror when running owr own examples from outside TextMate. (Stefan Daschek)
      * 0c77569 Use TM_RSPEC_BASEDIR for our own examples. (Stefan Daschek)
      * d229b8e Fix rspec detection to work correctly when TM_RSPEC_BASEDIR is set. (Stefan Daschek)
      * 3629abe Reset TM_RSPEC_BASEDIR before running our own examples. (Stefan Daschek)
      * 3e482d8 Fix error in “Alternate File” command. (Stefan Daschek)
        Caused by 41cf1b2c. Fixes #104
      * 41cf1b2 Implement TM_RSPEC_BASEDIR (Stefan Daschek)
      * b0ca1d9 Use require_relative instead of messing with $LOAD_PATH (Stefan Daschek)
      * 6050b5b Move top level methods in Runner class. (Stefan Daschek)
        Polluting the global namespace isn’t that nice (and the methods are only
        used in the Runner class anyways).
      * b0a8a6a Fix typo in spec. (Stefan Daschek)
        Happened in 042a8dd838 …
      * 668601d Add missing fixtures dir. (Stefan Daschek)
        Seems I forgot to add a .gitkeep file, so this never made it into the
        repo. Oops …
    Ruby on Rails.tmbundle: 7c89856..cf6751c
      * cf6751c Remove keybinding for 'list columns of a model' (Stefan Daschek)
    Shell Script.tmbundle: f073fed..a9c05ef
      * a9c05ef Inject into scope meta.embedded_bash (for use in Markdown code blocks). (Stefan Daschek)
  2. @noniq
  3. @noniq
Commits on Oct 27, 2015
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: PHP, Ruby

    noniq committed
    PHP.tmbundle: b13a09c..58fb6b3
      * 2ecaa60 Update grammar, completions, etc. to PHP 7.0 (Michael Sheets)
      * 03b31ee Update generate scripts (Michael Sheets)
        - Point to ruby 1.8 installed via Homebrew
        - Switch to git repository for phd
        - Update included library paths
    Ruby.tmbundle: 097c858..da81927
      * 97608b6 Match argument names on the second line of definition (Michael Sheets)
        An error in the previous regular expression was preventing the first
        argument of successive lines of a definition from being matched unless
        they were at the very beginning of the line. Fixed by strictly matching
        the beginning of the argument.
        Fixes #87 as first mentioned in github/linguist#2692.
Commits on Oct 16, 2015
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: RSpec

    noniq committed
    RSpec.tmbundle: b199980..26d04c7
      * 26d04c7 Make sure stdin is closed when running rspec. (Stefan Daschek)
        Fixes #102
      * ebfc306 Add bundle description (Michael Sheets)
        Also remove a couple outdated items leftover from TextMate 1.x.
      * 587d2cf Suppress duplicate messages in HTML window. (Stefan Daschek)
      * 042a8dd Include seed in output if specs are run in random order. (Stefan Daschek)
        Affects only RSpec 3+ (older versions are using their own bundled
      * bfa5493 Better styling for additional messages printed during spec run. (Stefan Daschek)
        Affects only RSpec 3+ (older versions are using their own bundled
      * e47e8ff Improve progress bar in HTML window. (Stefan Daschek)
        Header content no longer wraps while the progress is moving \o/
      * dd873b2 Run our specs in random order. (Stefan Daschek)
        This is possible now since we're running RSpec via subshell. Needs
        proper resetting of ENV, though.
      * 685fae3 Better styling for stderr output in HTML window. (Stefan Daschek)
        Affects only RSpec 3+ (older versions are using their own bundled
      * 32c632c Remove internal `stdout` parameter. (Stefan Daschek)
        This was used only in the runner specs, and there are other ways to
        capture stdout there.
      * bf8b559 Show gutter marks for failing examples. (Stefan Daschek)
      * 193f31f Update RSpec to v3.3 (Stefan Daschek)
      * b445a80 Remove RSpec::Mate::Options. (Stefan Daschek)
        No longer used.
      * 58712ef Fix error if there is no backtrace for an exception. (Stefan Daschek)
      * a81c3f9 Always run RSpec via subshell. (Stefan Daschek)
        If there is no binstub, the bundle now looks for a `Gemfile.lock`. If
        present, it uses `bundle exec rspec` to run RSpec. Otherwise, it falls
        back to simply running `rspec` in a subshell.
        This makes the code so much simpler …
      * 27912a4 Remove rspec-guard. (Stefan Daschek)
      * 63d0490 Remove simplecov. (Stefan Daschek)
      * ee5e22f Make “Run Single Example” command available in string interpolations. (Stefan Daschek)
        See previous commit.
Commits on Oct 12, 2015
  1. @noniq
Commits on Oct 10, 2015
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: RSpec, Ruby, Source

    noniq committed
    RSpec.tmbundle: d364492..b199980
      * b199980 Make “Run” command available in string interpolations. (Stefan Daschek)
        If we have an RSpec file containing `"#{fo|o}"`, the scopes at the
        cursor position are:
        Ruby bundle also uses <kbd>⌘R</kbd> for its own “Run” command, which
        gets higher priority in this case. Adding the scope selector
        `source.ruby.rspec source.ruby` for _our_ “Run” command seems to fix
        Fixes #100.
    Ruby.tmbundle: ff2ba96..097c858
      * e053c50 Embedded code snippet (#{}) functions in percent literals (Michael Sheets)
        Only in the ones that allow interpolation of course.
      * ada19a2 Improve scoping of regular expression components (Michael Sheets)
        This better lines up with the scopes given in other languages to these
      * a6a1701 Overhaul matching of percent delimited literals (Michael Sheets)
        This adds new types and improves the scoping to better match the
        contents, includes several test cases in a new test file.
        One limitation I am aware of is that `%q foo ` is not recognized as a
        string when it should be. Allowing whitespace as a delimiter though adds
        a lot of ambiguity I don't think is worth getting into.
        Based on patches from @pelargir, @noniq, and @elia, thanks to @elia for
        testing help. Fixes #41.
      * 843e7e5 Add Cheffile and Hobofile to recognized file types (Walter Dolce)
      * f9c884e Syntax checker now populates the gutter (Kai Wood)
      * 9187908 Add command to run script in Terminal (Timothy Xu)
        Executes the current script. Defaults to running in but
        will use iTerm instead if it is already running. Can also be customized
        using the `TM_TERMINAL` variable set to `iTerm`. Also respects the
        `TM_RUBY` variable.
      * 4551f55 Improve scoping of class names (Michael Sheets)
        Match components of the scope individually rather than as a block.
        Originally noted by @giucal.
      * 0b5c0f3 Point to ruby 1.8 shim (Elia Schito)
      * a7cfbc0 Skip multiple extensions in the class name (Elia Schito)
        E.g. an Opal would probably be called my_file.js.rb inside a Rails
        application. Previously it generated a class named “MyFile.js”.
      * c4e60f5 Don’t use ||= inside #initialize (Elia Schito)
      * 5c9f974 Add @ expantion to memoized ivar (Elia Schito)
      * 2b650de Use single quotes on require (Elia Schito)
      * 535dd86 Add "i⇥" to insert inspect (Elia Schito)
      * 6b4061d Make the Toggle String/Symbol command work on hashkeys (Kim Ahlström)
    Source.tmbundle: 3679dbd..7a84b4a
      * 01db29d Revert: Don't enable spell checking for strings in embedded code. (Michael Sheets)
        This was causing more confusion from people desiring spell checking than
        it solved for those originally requesting the feature, removed for
        clarity. It can easy be re-added by those wanting this behavior.
        This reverts commit e3c3e64fbe43f93e24a002e6aa052646525a1faa.
Commits on Aug 27, 2015
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: HTML, PHP, RSpec, Ruby, Source

    noniq committed
    HTML.tmbundle: 6ba398d..722c7ad
      * 181a15d Change regex to match HTML tags better (Kai Wood)
        Since 04a714a465f7deba2c0618a0024adc843c93e805 one can use Select
        Enclosing Typing Pairs for HTML tags. This fails short if custom HTML
        tags are in between, like Angular directives (which contain dashes, "-")
        or some of the tags Facebook uses for its integration stuff (which
        contain double colons, ":").
         With this change, one can select the typing pairs properly.
    PHP.tmbundle: 4925221..b13a09c
      * baad875 Allow Run and Help to run outside PHP tags (Michael Sheets)
        Since we now give a specific root scope to PHP files we can allow these
        to be scoped to the entire file rather than being limited to inside PHP
    RSpec.tmbundle: 7376ea2..d364492
      * d364492 Fix compatibility with RSpec 3.3 (Stefan Daschek)
        Remove dependency on RSpec’s HtmlFormatter & co by copying them over
        from RSpec Core. See discussion in
    Ruby.tmbundle: 1181de3..ff2ba96
      * 6c5431d Toggle String/Symbol: Support multiple carets (Tõnis Simo)
        This commit makes the "Toggle String/Symbol" command to works correctly
        with discontinuous selections. Now it toggles each selected
      * 944e8de Toggle Hash Syntax: Support multiple carets (Tõnis Simo)
        This commit makes the "Toggle Ruby Hash 1.8/1.9 Syntax" command to works
        correctly with discontinuous selections.
    Source.tmbundle: 71ab680..3679dbd
      * 21f1a1f Support multiple carets when toggle word cases (Tõnis Simo)
  2. @noniq

    Markdown: Support frontmatter and fenced code blocks.

    noniq committed
    First try, still quite buggy ...
  3. @noniq

    Arduino: Remove “Local Help” cmd.

    noniq committed
    We use global help command from DashMate instead.
Commits on Aug 5, 2015
  1. @noniq

    Arduino: Remove “Compile” and “Upload” commmands.

    noniq committed
    We’re using Arduino-Makefile, thus there is a standard Makefile. So we can use “Build” (from the Make bundle) instead of “Compile”. Instead of “Upload” we just run `make upload` (using the same way the Make bundle runs `make run` – requiring the Ruby lib from the Make bundle is a bit dirty, though).
Commits on Jul 9, 2015
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: CSS, Hyperlink Helper, Themes, bundler

    noniq committed
    CSS.tmbundle: 7259bff..a22c669
      * 94f7111 Perform macro on selection if present (Michael Sheets)
        This was mistakenly removed in 3403a39f1dad0bdf87168e11e3e8ba190b04ec75.
      * cdddd5b Add missing replace string to Format Compressed macro (Allan Odgaard)
        This has been made necessary by
      * 3403a39 Remove unnecessary replace all macro arguments (Allan Odgaard)
    Hyperlink Helper.tmbundle: a1672a4..c7a6a4b
      * 536b48d Disable injection in regular expressions (Michael Sheets)
        URLs in regular expression strings are less likely to valid and more
        likely to produce false positives. Reported in atom/language-perl#46
    Themes.tmbundle: c2e58be..912a107
      * 912a107 Make background for embedded code blocks less intrusive. (Stefan Daschek)
    bundler.tmbundle: 7bf290f..f949ca4
      * f949ca4 Walk up the tree hierarchy searching for a Gemfile (Elia Schito)
        Until a Gemfile.lock is found or the root path is reached.
  2. @noniq

    Update upstream urls

    noniq committed
  3. @noniq

    Remove Ruby-Slim.tmbundle.

    noniq committed
    No local customizations, so we can just use the vanilla bundle.
  4. @noniq

    Removed markdown-redcarpet.tmbundle.

    noniq committed
    Customize / extend vanilla Markdown bundle instead.
Commits on Jun 15, 2015
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: Sass, avr-assembly

    noniq committed
    Sass.tmbundle: 5eb0452..b6f714f
      * 95e492c Add Sublime Text 3 to project README (Nathan Henderson)
      * 2a0098c Update (Justin Hathaway)
      * 8dc3555 Updates to include alternative installation instructions (for Windows) and update-proof HAML/Ruby conflict solution (for all OS) (Luke Watts)
    avr-assembly.tmbundle: 42ce621..fa0f229
      * a674bb0 Update bundle install paths in README (Markus Herb)
Commits on Jun 8, 2015
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: DashMate, HTML, PHP, Ruby, Themes, markdown-redcarpet

    noniq committed
    DashMate.tmbundle: 746294f..8575c37
      * 8575c37 Add mapping for Arduino. (Stefan Daschek)
    HTML.tmbundle: 6045a78..6ba398d
      * e87e8de Move PHP specific folding settings to PHP bundle (Michael Sheets)
      * c542f79 Remove title and charset on link tags (David Gasperoni)
        Same result of textmate/html.tmbundle#36, but
        for drag-and-dropped stylesheets
    PHP.tmbundle: 8f3cc5f..4925221
      * 1cba1ac Make array in function arguments case insensitive (Indrek Ardel)
        Fixes textmate/php.tmbundle#62
      * ab51cac Allow whitespace between [] in function argument (Indrek Ardel)
      * 0239f47 Move over folding rules from HTML bundle (Michael Sheets)
        Limiting the PHP folding rules to the PHP scope limits unexpected
        foldings in HTML grammar reuse.
    Ruby.tmbundle: 20f285d..1181de3
      * 993af89 Use updated documentation command on 10.10 (Michael Sheets)
        Reversing the method here so this doesn't have to be changed again for
        10.11, etc.
    Themes.tmbundle: 55ae29c..c2e58be
      * c3b7830 Plain output theme: No need for separate print.css (Adam Strzelecki)
        Default print.css is just good enough, so we can get rid of the special
        one, which makes top header to be printed.
      * dfbf1a4 Plain web output theme matching system L&F (Adam Strzelecki)
        This theme is less intrusive than other bright themes and integrates
        well with OS X Yosemite L&F. It uses system fonts for all output.
        It is based on great Scott's theme:

        NOTE: Theme switched stays invisible until it is hovered.
    markdown-redcarpet.tmbundle: c6c6c58..b20db41
      * b20db41 Remove custom font for YAML frontmatter. (Stefan Daschek)
  2. @noniq

    New bundle: avr-assembly

    noniq committed
Commits on May 6, 2015
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: CSS, DashMate, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, RSpec, Ruby-…

    noniq committed
    …Slim, Ruby, SCSS, Sass, Source, Stylus, Text, Themes
    CSS.tmbundle: 78b61fc..7259bff
      * 2ce9173 Color Picker: Lowercase output on lowercase input (Adam Strzelecki)
        If user uses lowercase CSS color notation, i.e. #fff then probably wants
        lowercase output as well. Try to detect that.
      * 4a0ec80 Color Picker: Allow lowercase hex (Adam Strzelecki)
        Previously #fff or #fafafa were not detected as valid CSS color entries.
      * 5ba43d7 Completions: Add font/text related properties/values (Martin Bean)
    DashMate.tmbundle: a5992d8..746294f
      * 746294f Add mapping for "ruby.rails" (Stefan Daschek)
        Using the new "dialects" feature from 83fbad79.
      * bb7ed09 Add -g param to open when launching Dash (Ram Nadella)
        To allow Dash to choose whether to come to the foreground or to remain
        in the background.
        See ram-nadella/DashMate.tmbundle#17
      * 83fbad7 Refactor scope to docset mapping (John Fieber)
        Adapt the original commit to our customizations:
        * Extract method `#language_scopes` (replaces `#scope_lang`)
        * Also include scopes starting with "text." (like "text.html").
        Original commit message:
        * If multiple "source.*" scopes are found, use them all.  Formerly only
        the first was used.
        * In the case of source with a "dialect", include both the language base
        and the dialect.  Formerly only the dialect was used which caused many
        modes, like "HTML" (source.html.basic) and "JavaScript Node"
        (source.js.node) to completely miss the table entries for "html" and
        "js", respectively.
        There are currently no "language.dialect" entries in the table.  To take
        best advantage of this, docsets tied to particular dialects can be moved
        from the generic language entry to the dialect entry.
        For example, adding an entry:
            "js.node" => "nodejs"
        and removing "nodejs" from the "js" entry.
        Commands/Context-Sensitive Documentation for Word : Selection.tmCommand
      * be02c03 Don't crash if we can't find a selection or word (John Fieber)
        Commands/Context-Sensitive Documentation for Word : Selection.tmCommand
      * a7faf77 Add -g param to open when launching Dash (Ram Nadella)
        To allow Dash to choose whether to come to the foreground or to remain
        in the background.
        See ram-nadella/DashMate.tmbundle#17
      * b9229fa Remove stray debug puts (John Fieber)
      * 896bd9d Refactor scope to docset mapping (John Fieber)
        * If multiple "source.*" scopes are found, use them all.  Formerly only
        the first was used.
        * In the case of source with a "dialect", include both the language base
        and the dialect.  Formerly only the dialect was used which caused many
        modes, like "HTML" (source.html.basic) and "JavaScript Node"
        (source.js.node) to completely miss the table entries for "html" and
        "js", respectively.
        There are currently no "language.dialect" entries in the table.  To take
        best advantage of this, docsets tied to particular dialects can be moved
        from the generic language entry to the dialect entry.
        For example, adding an entry:
            "js.node" => "nodejs"
        and removing "nodejs" from the "js" entry.
      * 0f3c765 Don't crash if we can find a selection or word (John Fieber)
    HTML.tmbundle: 5b2413b..6045a78
      * d1231e3 Grammar: Allow for unquoted id attribute values (Michael Sheets)
    JavaScript.tmbundle: c8e5d11..d46006f
      * 1f2a51b Use explicit count modifiers (Michael Sheets)
        The `{,N}` extension is not supported by most Regexp engines, as it is
        an Onigurma-only extension.
      * 5cd3114 Fix indentation of var statements not terminated with a semi-colon (Jeremy Whitlock)
        Fixes #39
      * ed7a26d Update grammar to enable smart ↩ behavior with (‸) and [‸] (Jeremy Whitlock)
      * ec7cc8e Improved indentation patterns (Jeremy Whitlock)
        Indentation fixes/enhancements:
        * One line blocks
        * Comma-first and comma-last multi-line variable declarations
        * case/default statements (No longer greedy)
        Below is a convoluted JavaScript snippet that was used to test the
        // Comma-last multi-line variable declarations var name,
        // Comma-first multi-line variable declarations var me
         , you
         , us;
        var person = {
         // Multi-line array
         friends: [
         // Multi-line function arguments
         md5: genMd5(
        var enabled = this.development ?
         true :
        switch (this.version) { case '1.0':
         throw new Error ('Unknown version');
        // One line block if (enabled)
        Fixes #4 Fixes #6
        Thanks to @sorbits for the help.
    PHP.tmbundle: 6bc0eb6..8f3cc5f
      * 7178a10 Doc Snippet: Allow for static keyword in declarations (Michael Sheets)
        Fixes #60.
      * 9ed831e Further work on escapes in single-quoted regular expressions (Allan Odgaard)
        The previous simplification would accept \\' as an escape sequence,
        although a string containing that, would not be identified as a regex,
        so I also updated the rule to identify regular expressions, so that this
        rule also use the more correct escaping rules.
      * 92d777f Grammar: Correct improper '\' escaping (Michael Sheets)
        Due to an omission in the grammar generator. #ignore
      * 807eeba Improve/simplify escaping rules for single-quoted regexps (Allan Odgaard)
        The rules have been generalized so that anything can be escaped (in the
        regex) where previously we only supported escaping known special
        characters. I think the former is better, since there shouldn’t be an
        issue with over escaping things in a regex, whereas not matching all
        escape sequences can easily lead to incorrect parsing.
        The previous version of this grammar missed some edge-cases and accepted
        double-backslash in front of an apostrophe (as a way to escape the
        Closes #59.
      * 1ae104d Grammar: Support 'use function|const' constructs (Michael Sheets)
        Added in 5.6:
      * 8220f62 Grammar: Add __debugInfo magic method (Jannes Jeising)
        This magic method is available since PHP 5.6.
        More info for this method available here:
      * ac8fe46 Grammar: Support extending multiple inherited classes (Michael Sheets)
        Fixes #53.
      * f65a7e6 Grammar: Allow namespace declarations on opening line (Michael Sheets)
        Fixes #51.
      * fb9ab98 Update grammar, completions, etc. to PHP 5.6 (Michael Sheets)
      * 2150cea Grammar: Account for dual escaping (Michael Sheets)
        Due to the string being passed through two layers of escaping we need to
        treat `]` escaping inside character classes as a special case.
      * 5d9b5d0 Allow for empty arrays in parameter values (Michael Sheets)
    RSpec.tmbundle: 943f734..7376ea2
      * 8a684c0 Add choices to `after` snippet. (Stefan Daschek)
        See `before` snippet.
      * ee43cfc Add missing capybara snippets (Elia Schito)
        - background (back⇥)
        - given (given⇥)
        - given! (given!⇥)
      * 313b875 Add the missing `let!` snippet (Elia Schito)
      * b2bcf5b Add choices to the `before` snippet (Elia Schito)
      * b076474 Add capybara’s ‘background’ keyword (Elia Schito)
        `background` is an alias for `before`.
      * 6b47503 Add focus (f) and pending (x) prefixes support (Elia Schito)
      * a884acf Fix "Run Current Context" for RSpec 3 (Stefan Daschek)
      * f0dc3fd Make “Run selected files” work with empty selection. (Stefan Daschek)
      * 3e3a43c Revert "Add workaround for double escaped links in RSpec 2.14" (Stefan Daschek)
        This reverts commit 645a709a28db2128d30866dc354569b0041ead3e.
        Has been fixed in RSpec 2.14.8:
      * 721ba51 Remove support for Zeus. (Stefan Daschek)
        Has been replaces by Spring in all our Rails projects.
      * 645a709 Add workaround for double escaped links in RSpec 2.14 (Stefan Daschek)
        Should be reverted as soon as this gets fixed in rspec-core.
      * 22d52e7 Make da_mate and TextMateFormatter runner work with RSpec 3. (Stefan Daschek)
        No need for backward compatibility in TextMateFormatter – we still use
        RSpec’s own TextMateFormatter for RSpec 2.
      * ff0a762 Whitespace fixes. (Stefan Daschek)
      * f011a74 Fix run_rspec_in_terminal to escape paths correctly. (Stefan Daschek)
      * 03d1118 Fix shelling out to ruby when using rbenv. (Stefan Daschek)
        When the bundle script itself was run via rbenv it would always use the
        same ruby version when shelling out to rspec. Now it uses the ruby
        version specified for the project.
      * 7f82997 Add Command "Run Again in Terminal" (^R) (Stefan Daschek)
      * 51934db Do not echo rspec command line in textmate output window. (Stefan Daschek)
        The idea behind this feature was to allow easily rerunning the same
        command in the terminal by just copy-pasting. This is no longer
        necessary now that there is 'Run Context in Terminal' :-)
      * cad4b93 Add command 'Run Current Context in Terminal' (^R) (Stefan Daschek)
        Very useful for debugging specs with pry :-)
      * 8aea2ae Fix run_rspec to work with recent TextMate versions. (Stefan Daschek)
        Working directory is no longer the project directory, so we have to set
        it ourselves.
      * 7ef9a99 Nicer formatting for info output. (Stefan Daschek)
      * febcd10 Run rspec via binstub, if available. (Stefan Daschek)
        This is the preferred versions (it supports e.g. spring: If no binstub is available, fall
        back to zeus. If zeus isn't available either, fall back to bundle exec.
      * 980c933 Fix running specs twice if zeus is available but some specs fail. (Stefan Daschek)
      * 82b4a2f Make let snippet available in source.ruby.rails.spec scope. (Stefan Daschek)
      * 30159e9 Customize run commands (names, keybindings, scopes, zeus). (Stefan Daschek)
        They now have better names and are available in source.ruby.rails.spec
        scope, too.
        New Keybindings: Cmd-Alt-R = "Run Again", Cmd-Shift-Alt-R = "Run
        Selected Files" (available in ALL scopes).
        "Run Again" does a real rerun of the last run - whether it was a single
        context, a single file, or multiple files.
        All run commands try to use "zeus" if available and fall back to "bundle
        exec" else.
      * 83e44a4 Simplify snippets (it, desc, con), add source.ruby.rails.spec scope. Delete unused variants. (Stefan Daschek)
    Ruby-Slim.tmbundle: 5fc3269..741ccd5
      * f9aa8d2 Support filter ruby: (holies)
      * e0914cb Add a license (Adam Roben)
        This is the same MIT license used by
      * 77467d3 Add support for parameters wrapping on new line (Tyom Semonov)
      * 1fd635b Add syntax for Frontmatter (Tyom Semonov)
    Ruby.tmbundle: 6040ebf..20f285d
      * 880adad Add keyword `fail` to grammar (René Schwaiger)
      * 815e55c Update grammar TODO (Michael Sheets)
        First example is invalid in 2.0 without whitespace removed, octal
        matching has been corrected. #ignore
    SCSS.tmbundle: d6188e5..49a7457
      * b7e1a49 Add stroke and stroke-width (SVG) (Po Chen)
      * f9bab40 Update references kuroir => MarioRicalde (Koen Punt)
      * c5bc0fe Add CSS font-feature-settings property (gluten)
    Sass.tmbundle: b65961a..5eb0452
      * 8444f97 Update .gitignore (Nathan Henderson)
      * 5424b1a add license (Patrik Affentranger)
    Source.tmbundle: 09f5293..71ab680
      * f1af1fe Make Insert Block Comment work with discontinuous selections (Allan Odgaard)
        This only works when none of the discontinuous selections contain
    Stylus.tmbundle: 3246236..e60cc70
      * e60cc70 Correct bundle dir path for TM2 (James J. Womack)
      * b9c0e0b Update README to create bundles directory (James J. Womack)
      * 6104c77 Drastically improve behavior of compile command (James Womack)
      * 021d6db Add MIT license (James Womack)
    Text.tmbundle: a6dad0c..5eb2fc8
      * 961652a Respect capitalization for uniqueness (Michael Sheets)
        Using the separate uniq command treats different capitalizations as
        unique items. Originally reported by @bizonix.
    Themes.tmbundle: 9536257..55ae29c
      * 63b9aeb Remove font setting for unprintable characters (Allan Odgaard)
Commits on Nov 9, 2014
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: Ruby, Shell Script, Themes

    noniq committed
    Ruby.tmbundle: de1ac2b..6040ebf
      * 3d4213e syntax-ruby: Allow underscores as valid string delimiters (Vicent Marti)
        The underscore character can be using as a surround delimiter in any
        `%{` enclosed strings.
           foobar = %q_this is a #{valid} interpolated string_
         The above string is valid Ruby syntax.
      * ecf0f1d syntax-erb: Make injections more lenient (Vicent Marti)
        This allows ERB tags to be opened inside of HTML tags.
    Shell Script.tmbundle: efbb658..f073fed
      * 98ded12 Revert default and setting to TM_TERMINAL_USE_TABS (Michael Sheets)
        Due to lackluster AppleScript support in Terminal it is not possible to
        reliably open a new tab as you get an error if the user has not yet
        released the modifier keys required to initiate the command. This
        reverts c1077db238408950ed4c53b258215137eb6f3492 from pull request #20.
      * 32af606 Improve reliability of tab creation (Michael Sheets)
        We now make sure that Terminal is active before using the tab creation
        shortcut. However there is still an issue if the user hasn't released
        the modifier keys used to initiate the command.
    Themes.tmbundle: 225ccab..9536257
      * f14a01b Improve meta.tag matching (Michael Sheets)
        Match tags in places other than solely HTML files.
      * 0622fee Improve meta.tag matching (Michael Sheets)
        No longer specially target entities within source.* documents as it was
        causing issues with tags when used in source files.
Commits on Oct 21, 2014
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby-Slim, Ruby, SCSS, bund…

    noniq committed
    …ler, markdown-redcarpet
    HTML.tmbundle: 369e27d..5b2413b
      * 4831b07 Remove title and charset attributes from link tags (David Gasperoni)
        While 'charset' is plainly discouraged
        title attribute on link tags is something rarely used and with
        implications that authors might not be aware of
    JavaScript.tmbundle: 92b18bc..c8e5d11
      * 9271dd6 Support generator's asterisk (i10k)
        JavaScript generators are already widely used but TM still does not
        highlight their syntax. Even worse adding asterisk currently breaks the
        function highlighting. Even though it's a draft specification it should
        be support ed and possibly (unlikely) tweaked if the specification
    PHP.tmbundle: 9601855..6bc0eb6
      * d24593d Add support for php-cs-fixer (⌃⇧H) (Allan Odgaard)
        It is possible to set custom options via TM_PHP_CS_FIXER_OPTIONS (e.g.
        Installing ‘php-cs-fixer’ via homebrew requires setting ‘phar.readonly =
        Off’ in /usr/local/etc/php/«version»/php.ini. It also depends on
        homebrew’s php, which requires running ‘xcode-select --install’ (see
        issue Homebrew/homebrew-php#1212).
        Closes #25.
    Ruby-Slim.tmbundle: 80f7371..5fc3269
      * 672953d Support unescaped interpolation (double curly braces) (noinkling)
      * da36172 Apply proper scope to interpolation delimiters (#{}) (noinkling)
      * 059dca5 Fix rubyline end regex (noinkling)
      * f730b5e Fix leading/trailing whitespace syntax detection (noinkling)
      * c544d34 Add CSS, SCSS, SASS sub-syntaxes (Tikhon Botchkarev)
    Ruby.tmbundle: 983c9f1..de1ac2b
      * 1b12a46 Add support for rational and complex literals (2.1) (Michael Sheets)
      * 320f561 Support `0d` integer prefix (Michael Sheets)
      * 4aafb4f Break numerical literal match into discreet parts (Michael Sheets)
      * aa11b9a Add default ruby file types Berksfile, Thorfile (Rui)
        Add support for new ruby files types :
        - Thorfile :
        - Berksfile :
    SCSS.tmbundle: 5cef467..d6188e5
      * d6188e5 Correct author name (Enrique Canals)
      * 73ad614 Fix #167 proper highlighting of &class (Enrique Canals)
      * 52d7228 Add CSS will-change property (Chris Adams)
    bundler.tmbundle: 9fd924c..7bf290f
      * 4dcc551 Use ruby 1.8 shim provided by TextMate. (Stefan Daschek)
        Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) no longer includes Ruby 1.8. Use the Ruby 1.8
        bundled with TextMate instead.
      * a1293fa Fixed Ruby 1.8 path problem (Gianluca Andreotti)
        Ruby 1.8 is no longer installed on the latest OS X. Because of this,
        this bundle doesn't work anymore. I replaced the full path to the
        interpreter with the env command.
        Gianluca Andreotti <gianlucaatlas (at) gmail (dot) com>
    markdown-redcarpet.tmbundle: 7ff8aa4..c6c6c58
      * de7a7a7 Custom font for YAML frontmatter (Steve Kinney)
      * dc51858 Detect and respect YAML frontmatter (Steve Kinney)
      * 76295e3 Match single quotes in code blocks (Steve Kinney)
      * 50f208d Add rb as a shorthand for Ruby (Steve Kinney)
      * fa28611 Use the ruby18 shim in the line computation (Elia Schito)
      * b523993 Use the ruby18 shim to generate the title (Elia Schito)
      * 6d8cb9d Add more languages to the fenced code snippet (Elia Schito)
        - Elixir
        - HTML
        - Shell
Commits on Aug 18, 2014
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: Text

    noniq committed
    Text.tmbundle: 0b34c67..a6dad0c
      * a6dad0c Reset “Enumerate Lines” command to upstream. (Stefan Daschek)
        Our customization was only a workaround for a bug regarding empty
        keybindings. It’s no longer necessary.
  2. @noniq

    Delete “TODO” bundle.

    noniq committed
    No customizations here (anymore). Should be installed from TextMate’s bundle index instead.
  3. @noniq

    Submodule updates: Ruby, SCSS, Shell Script, Source, Text

    noniq committed
    Ruby.tmbundle: 45799ef..983c9f1
      * 983c9f1 Reset “encoding” snippet to upstream. (Stefan Daschek)
        This is rarely used nowadays, so no need for a customized version
      * 254891d Allow for private prefixes to method definitions (Michael Sheets)
        Fixes #65.
    SCSS.tmbundle: f472332..5cef467
      * a055960 A few flexbox property names (Lane Goldberg)
      * 501cbcc Fix picture's place in selector_entities (Petri Partio)
      * 40d22fd Add picture to completions (Petri Partio)
      * c9b1f9a Add picture to valid selector_entities (Petri Partio)
    Shell Script.tmbundle: 8584562..efbb658
      * efbb658 Rest “Open directory in Terminal” to upstream. (Stefan Daschek)
        Upstream now defaults to open a new tab, so no need for a customized
        version anymore \o/
      * c1077db Default to new tab for 'Open Terminal' (Stefan Daschek)
        Set `TM_TERMINAL_NEW_WINDOW` if you prefer to open a new window instead.
      * 4af46ee Use tab for “Open directory in Terminal” (optionally). (Stefan Daschek)
        If `TM_TERMINAL_USE_TABS` is set, the command now creates a new tab in
        the frontmost terminal window (instead of opening a new terminal
    Source.tmbundle: 8cc05e4..09f5293
      * e8b4aa3 Use latest version of ruby rather than the shim (Michael Sheets)
        This allows ruby to correctly match unicode characters when 2.0 is
        present. Fixes #18.
    Text.tmbundle: b5d33bc..0b34c67
      * c536e81 Rewrite filtering commands in ruby (Allan Odgaard)
        Previously these were using ruby for the UI and python for the
        implementation with bash to bind it together.
  4. @noniq

    Update upstream-urls

    noniq committed
  5. @noniq

    Remove bundle “Merge Markers”.

    noniq committed
    This is now included in TextMate’s bundle index and can (should) be installed from there.
Commits on Jul 31, 2014
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: RSpec, Shell Script, Source

    noniq committed
    RSpec.tmbundle: e0a2b46..ddf1423
      * c27b33c Fix #31 (Stefan Daschek)
      * 0e2c5da Fix #45 (Stefan Daschek)
      * 81b25bc Add file for manually checking syntax highlighting (Stefan Daschek)
        Currently there is no good to automate tests for the syntax
        highglighting.  But this is better than nothing.
      * 4d5dd7c Fix “Alternate File” for /app/lib/foobar.rb (Stefan Daschek)
        Fixes #64
      * 0020bd6 Remove redundant specs (Stefan Daschek)
        `expect_twins` already checks both directions, so no need to repeat
        examples with reversed arguments.
    Shell Script.tmbundle: fc526cd..8584562
      * a5940e0 Allow some special characters before the `if`. (Stefan Daschek)
        textmate/shellscript.tmbundle#18 (comment)
        for details.
      * 56e7059 Apply scope `if-block` only if a line starts with `if`. (Stefan Daschek)
        (Leading whitespace is allowed, though.)
        This fixes “runaway” scopes for lines like `dd if=/dev/sda1…`.
        Runaway scopes are especially a problem if the grammar is embedded in
        other grammars. For example, in the markdown-redcarpet bundle, if there
        is a code block triggering a runaway scope, the block’s grammar will
        extend until EOF, completely messing up the syntax highlight after the
        end of the code block.
    Source.tmbundle: b2d7109..8cc05e4
      * 8cc05e4 Add command “Wrap in Braces (spaced)” (⌥⇧8) (Stefan Daschek)
        Like “Wrap in Braces”, but also insert a space after opening / before
        closing brace. Useful for wrapping something in a Ruby lambda, for
Commits on Jul 28, 2014
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: JavaScript, RSpec

    noniq committed
    JavaScript.tmbundle: 3ca3d23..92b18bc
      * bfc8a1d Unbind ⌃⌥⌘H from Copy as Bookmarklet to Clipboard (Jeremy Whitlock)
        ⌃⌥⌘H was previous bound to 'Copy as Bookmarklet to Clipboard' but this
        binding conflicted with 'Hide HTML Output'.
    RSpec.tmbundle: a884acf..e0a2b46
      * 4ad1111 Fix #run_focussed for RSpec 3. (Stefan Daschek)
        RSpec 3 dropped support for `--line 12`. Instead `path/to/spec.rb:12`
        has to be used.
        This commit makes RSpec 3 happy while keeping the old behaviour for
        RSpec 2 and older.
      * e210f3c Fix spec description. (Stefan Daschek)
      * bdbf215  Fix deprecation (and formatter problem) in RSpec 2.14 (Stefan Daschek)
        RSpec 2.14 has both `backtrace_clean_patterns` and
        `backtrace_exclusion_patterns`. Using the former generates a deprecation
        message, which somehow also disables the textmate formatter.
      * 7c9021b Fix clickable links for RSpec 3 (again) (Stefan Daschek)
        This was first fixed in rspec/rspec.tmbundle#69
        for early beta versions of RSpec 3, but since then there have been
        changes in RSpec so that the original fix no longer works.
        Fortunately, this fix is even simpler than the original version. Tested
        with RSpec 3.0.0.beta2, RSpec 3.0.0 and RSpec 3.0.3 (older versions are
        not affected from this change as they do not use
      * f71f849 Use rspec binstub if available. (Stefan Daschek)
        Look for "bin/rspec" and use it, if present. This drastically improves
        RSpec’s start up time for projects using an application preloader like
        Spring (as long as the preloader generates a suitable binstub).
        Note that the binstub is only used if there is a Gemfile present
        (otherwise it would not be possible to determine the RSpec version).
      * b53190f Refactor RSpec version detection (Stefan Daschek)
        Move detection logic to new method `rspec_version`. Raise error if
        version can not be detected.
        Also change `rspec2?` to not return true for RSpec 3 (as this is a bit
        misleading unless the method is named something like
      * f66338a Improve exception handling in Runner#run (Stefan Daschek)
        The `ensure`-block relies on `stderr` to be set, so this should be done
        at the very beginning.
        Otherwise, exceptions raised in `rspec3?` trigger an “Undefined method
        `string' for nil:NilClass” error.
      * 36db542 Filter bundle related lines from backtraces. (Stefan Daschek)
        This cleans the backtraces shown for failing examples. Works with both
        RSpec 2 and RSpec 3 (and should degrade gracefully for RSpec 1).
           ./spec/controllers/people_controller_spec.rb:18 :in `block (3 levels)
        in <top (required)>'
        :in `block in run'
        :in `chdir'
        :in `run'
        :in `run_file'
           /tmp/textmate-command-60237.rb:3 :in `<main>'
           ./spec/controllers/people_controller_spec.rb:18 :in `block (3 levels)
        in <top (required)>'
Commits on Jul 24, 2014
  1. @noniq

    Submodule updates: JavaScript, markdown-redcarpet

    noniq committed
    JavaScript.tmbundle: e3e329d..3ca3d23
      * eef112f Add $ to word boundaries for keyword matches (Jeremy Whitlock)
        When matching JavaScript keywords, the start/end were simple word
        boundaries but since JavaScript also allows identifiers to use '$' in
        the name, this would result in a whole identifier not being matched as a
        keyword but if a keyword were within the identifier, it would be matched
        and scoped.
        Fixes #29
      * dd447a3 Move Copy as Bookmarklet to Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+H (Adam Strzelecki)
        This makes Ctrl+Shift+H to trigger reformat on both C & JavaScript.
      * d394951 Update regex to match within ternary if block (Jeremy Whitlock)
        Fixes #31
      * 63b50e9 Update regex to match single curly braces (Jeremy Whitlock)
        Fixes #35
      * d0ab8c6 Add match for shebang line (Jeremy Whitlock)
        Adds support to properly scope the shebang line for JavaScript
        executables and fixes issue #32.
    markdown-redcarpet.tmbundle: 747ecc4..7ff8aa4
      * 7ff8aa4 Use Add single ` as tab trigger for fenced code blocks (Stefan Daschek)
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