Assets 7
  • Go 1.9 -> 1.10.3. VIPS 8.5.8 -> 8.6.5.
  • Expose Prometheus metrics and pprof debug endpoints on separate port.
  • Improve performance of resizing a WebP source image in some cases.
  • Improve quality of Photo detection heuristic, used to automatically convert photo PNGs to JPEG.
  • Add read, write, and keepalive timeouts to HTTP server.
  • Move to multi-stage Docker build, shrinking Docker image from 86 MB to 9 MB.
  • Remove support for Go < 1.8 and VIPS < 8.4.6.


85b5e2b1b12127408db6597c29bfedbe874efd33  fotomat-2.8.244-1.buster.amd64.deb
0b1c9ff67a3fbf15afcb548e1fc5ee1e6d4e2dee  fotomat-2.8.244-1.el6.x86_64.rpm
9b101c3bd582c738a99519c235769c01573d7b3d  fotomat-2.8.244-1.el7.x86_64.rpm
f820cf0376b8da5b7f26efc3745d2c36ad0e2454  fotomat-2.8.244-1.jessie.amd64.deb
b0e1a544d2915e062482f33a36603f085d00c6bf  fotomat-2.8.244-1.stretch.amd64.deb

Docker image: docker pull dienet/fotomat:v2.8