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Ansible Bootstrap

This repository contains a basic Ansible role used for bootstrapping an Ubuntu server.

The included tasks are:

  • Copy configuration files
  • Configure locale
  • Install and update Ubuntu packages
  • Create users, assigning groups and public keys
  • Basic security configuration:
  • Install and configure Nullmailer with Mandrill
  • Install and configure NewRelic server monitoring

Only tested against Vagrant Trusty64 box, it should also work in Precise

ansible.cfg and hosts are configured to connect to a Vagrant server running with a default configuration (localhost in port 2222). If you are using Vagrant 1.7 or greater, update private_file_key path in ansible.cfg as explained in Ansible documentation


First of all, install Ansible, in Ubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rquillo/ansible
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ansible

Install Vagrant and create a server

vagrant init ubuntu/trusty64
vagrant up

Now, check the connection from Ansible to the server. From the project root you can ping to the server

ansible dev -m ping

And check the setup

ansible dev -m setup

Once checked, update the file development.yml with your own configuration, if not configured properly, the installation will not work.

Finally, the role can be executed using

ansible-playbook bootstrap.yml

If you don't need any of the tasks, just comment them in the main.yml file of the role.


Released under the MIT License, Copyright (c) 2014-15 - Diego Rodríguez