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diecutter is a web application around file generation:

  • templates are the resources ;
  • the most common operation is to POST data to templates in order to retrieve generated files.

diecutter can render single files and directories. Directories are rendered as archives.


GET raw content of a template:

$ curl -X GET http://diecutter.io/api/greetings.txt
{{ greetings|default('Hello') }} {{ name }}!

POST data to the template and retrieve generated content:

$ curl -X POST -d name=world http://diecutter.io/api/greetings.txt
Hello world!

Project status

Although under active development, diecutter already works, so give it a try!.

Check milestones and vision for details about the future.

Also notice that diecutter is part of an ecosystem:

  • piecutter is the core Python API. It provides stuff like template engines or template loaders.
  • diecutter implements a WSGI application and REST interface on top of piecutter.
  • diecutter-index is a proof-of-concept project for an online template registry.
  • http://diecutter.io is the SAAS platform running diecutter ecosystem.

See also alternatives and related projects section in documentation.