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This addon enables you to listen to system wide keyboard events. This can be
used, when you want to get nofitied by keyboard events even when the application
is not active.

It has some limitations atm:
- on windows you can't get the modifier keys
- on windows all characters appear to be uppercased (?)

Installation Mac:
- 	Works only with 10.6 and up
- 	Create a new group in XCode, call it: "ofxKeylogger"
- 	Drag the "ofxKeylogger/src" directory into this new group
- 	Remove the "Keylogger_Win.dll" file from your project 

Installation Win (tested with codeblocks):
- 	Add the addon to your project (C::B add files recursively)
	make sure you add only the "ofxKeylogger/src" directory.
- 	Add an include path to [path_to_addon]/ofxKeylogger/src/
- 	That's it!

- 	Create an event listener for the ofxKeyloggerEvent
- 	Add the listener like this (just an example) 
 	ofxKeylogger::addListener(this, testApp::onKeyloggerKey);


What about the "libs" dir
This directory contains the projects for the keystroke listeners for 
Windows and Mac specific. For windows I create a .dll and for Mac a static