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Screen Capture

This repository contains a cross platform Screen Capture Library currently in development. The API is likely to change in the near future when more drivers (Windows / Linux) will be added. This is experimental code.


[x] Mac Beta version ready (10.9.5 and 10.10.2)
[x] Windows Beta version ready (Win 8.1)
[ ] Linux researching...


  • Install CMake with command line support. On Mac, after installing CMake, make sure that you can execute CMake from the terminal. To enable this feature you need to open a terminal and then execute sudo /Applications/, then from the menu choose Tools > Install for command line use.

  • A working C/C++ compiler :)

Compiling on Mac

Execute the following in a terminal which will start the opengl test application that captures from the first display:

cd build
./ 64

Compiling on Windows

To compile from source on Windows, you need to make sure that you've installed cmake and that you execute the following commands from a Git Bash.

cd build
./ 64