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A QR code generator which gives ASCII Art output image.
A java version of QArt with enhancement.
All credit goes to Russ Cox.

Sample output:
Sample Output

How to generate a runnable jar

QArt4j is a maven project, run the following command to get a ruunable jar:

mvn compile assembly:single

This will generate a runnable jar under target/ directory.

How to run it

QArt4j can run with many parameters, java -jar qart4j.jar --help will show all the parameters. The parameters which give the sample output are:

java -jar qart4j.jar \
-i sample-input.png \
-o sample-output.png \
-u http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2267968/ \
-w 324 -h 480  \
--mr 72 --mb 164 \
-z 168 -v 16 -q 1 \

Known issues

  1. JPEG now works, thanks to Abhinash Khanal.