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Code and relevant files for the project Status and Collaboration: The Case of Pro Bono Network Inequalities in Corporate Law. Diego Leal, Antony Paik, Steven Boutcher

Code written by Diego F. Leal (

List of files

  1. probono_data_processing.R cleans & processes the Vault and Am Law data. It also reproduces the results reported in the paper both descriptive and inferential (i.e., the latent space models and MR-QAP -see Tables 1 to 3 and Figs 2 to 5 in the paper for more details)
  2. intersectoral_nets.nlogo reproduces Figure 1 in the paper
  3. shows how the cut-off points for the status categories were selected and the robustness of the selection (see the Appendix for more details)
  4. probono_amLaw_sensitivity_18.R is the code to reproduce the sensitivity analysis based on the Am Law data and the inverse log-weighted specification of the D.V. (see the Appendix for more details)
  5. probono_by_category_sensitivity_18.R is the code to reproduce the sensitivity analysis by pro bono subcategeories (see Table 4 in the paper for more details)

Raw data can be directrly requested by contacting Diego F. Leal (

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