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OpenBCI to EDF (Matlab/Octave)


OpenBCI is an open source brain-computer interface platform used to record electrical activity produced by the brain (EEG), the muscles (EMG) or the heart (EKG), among others. When using the OpenBCI platform one might be interested in exporting the results to EDF(+). Motivation includes easy sharing of the results with the community, using an open standard format, or the possibility to use any of the many existing tools to, for example, visualize the results, or to apply additional signal processing to the data. Check more about EDF(+) format at

On this page a Matlab/Octave script is offered to carry out the conversion from the OpenBCI format (as resulted from logging the results to a SD card) to EDF. A mini-tutorial is also available on how to use the code and visualize the resulting signal data in Polyman.


The following software is offered "as is" and it might containg errors. I cannot and do not accept any liability for damages related to the use of this sofware. Use it at your own risk.

User License

The software is freely distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 license.



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