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Transifex and Github integration setup via Travis CI
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Transifex and Github integration via CI tool

This repository has an example on how you can configure a CI tool to leverage the transifex-client CLI to exchange translation files between Transifex and a Github repo.

Basic Workflow

The setup for this particular example is based on a git flow, where you have a devel branch which developers branch off to develop new stuff. Once the code is ready, their work is merged to devel, which then triggers the translation process. This workflow has the advantage that the translation process never blocks deployment of code, however it's fair to call out that features may go to production with missing translations, if there is no enough time for translators to actually get their work done.

There are basically 2 operations that need to happen when you want to make your development process to support localization in a seamless way with the workflow above:

  1. Pushing source content for translations whenever devel changes
  2. Pulling translation files to ship features as translations are done

1. Pushing source content for translations whenever devel changes

The whole idea here is to push source content for translations immediately after developers are ready with their work. You can make the CI tool to push source files to Transifex in every build on devel. That way the state of files in devel is mirrored in Transifex and translations can start as soon as a merge happens.

Transifex can take care of updates to your source file automatically. As an example, let's say you have a version of a source file with 10 strings, and all languages you are targeting have them translated. If you update the source file with 5 new strings, so that you have 15 in total, only the 5 new ones will need to be translated.

2. Pulling translation files to ship features as translations are done

There are 3 scenarios you may want to consider for pulling translations.

a) Pulling just before you deploy/package your code

This is the most straight forward case. In your packaging/deployment process, there is just one extra step needed, which grabs all fresh translation files (tx pull) before you ship your code. Typically Transifex is the source of truth for the translation files and they don't even get stored in the repo at all.

b) Pulling periodically and commit to your repo

This is a use case that requires some scripting on your side for a task that will run every X amount of hours, commit the changes and push it back to the remote repo. This case avoids any changes in the deploy process already in place, because the translated files will be already available in the repo. One thing to keep in mind is that translation files may not be alway reflecting the latest changes in Transifex, as new translations can happen, since the last periodically pull.

c) Pulling based on webhooks

Transifex can ping a webhook endpoint with specific info on translation completion. Then you can trigger similar action as described in bullets a. and b.

The setup in this repo has basically a. implemented with support to committing translations back to the repo, just for the sake of having a full example. The setup relies on git tagging system and basically listens to a tag called txpull, which will trigger a fresh pull of translation files from Transifex and commit any changes to the repository automatically. The setup emulates the behavior applied for a deployment process triggered by git tags.

Files in this repo

There are a few files in this repo that are required for it to work. Below you can find a bit more details about them.


  This is where source content and translations files are stored in the repo.


  Configuration file used by transifex-client CLI tool for mapping files under
  `locale/` with a project in Transifex. Some more info can be found at


  Travis CI configuration with support for running transifex-client CLI tool for
  push source content whenever `devel` changes and pulling translations files
  whenever a `txpull` tag is pushed.

  Helper script with checks and actions that can be taken based on environment
  variables and arguments passed to it.

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