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My personal blog powered by gatsby, typescript and styled-components.

🖥️ Tech Stack

  • Build with Gatsby w/ TypeScript.
  • Testing with Jest and Testing Library.
  • With ESLint, Prettier, stylelint, Husky, lint-staged and much more.
  • Supports contents with multiple languages using i18next (see folder /content).
  • Dark mode using styled-components themes.
  • Search engine with fuse.js
  • Hosted on Github Pages with Github Actions.

📋 Requirements

This project requires Node.js 12.13.0 or higher and yarn as package manager.

⌨️ Developing

  1. Clone this repo with git.
  2. Install dependencies by running yarn install within the directory that you cloned (probably
  3. Start the development server with yarn develop.
  4. Open development site by going to http://localhost:8000 in your browser.

📐 Contributing

See for details.

Get in touch

Say hello on twitter or email