Use OS4's GetCPUInfo() from OS3 programs.
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execglue is a library for AmigaOS which allows to use the OS4's GetCPUInfo()
function from OS3 programs, with the additional feature of being able to
retrieve the PowerPC's PVR as well.

The function documentation is as follow:


       GetCPUInfo -- Get information about the current CPU        (V50)

       void GetCPUInfo(struct TagItem *tagList);

       void GetCPUInfoTags(ULONG tag1, ...);

       This function is used to retrieve information about the CPU(s)

       This function replaces the ExecBase attention flag mechanism.

       Input to this function is a tag list containing the items to
       be queried. Each tag item's data must point to a sufficiently
       large storage where the result is copied to. The list of tag
       items below lists the size of the required storage in
       brackets. For example, GCIT_NumberOfCPUs requires a pointer
       to an uint32, GCIT_ProcessorSpeed requires a pointer to a
       variable which is of type uint64.

       Currently, the following items are available:
       GCIT_NumberOfCPUs (uint32 *)
           Number of CPUs available in the system. This is likely to
           be 1 at the moment.

       GCIT_Family (uint32 *)
           CPU family as a symbolic constant. Currently, these are
               CPUFAMILY_UNKNOWN - Unknown CPU
               CPUFAMILY_60X  - All PowerPC 60x, like 603 and 604
               CPUFAMILY_7X0  - All G3 PowerPC 7X0, like 740, 750,
                                750CXe, 750FX
               CPUFAMILY_74xx - All G4 PowerPC 74xx, like 7400, 7410,

       GCIT_MachinePVR (uint32 *)
           Obtain the PVR value of the currently running PPC board.

       GCIT_Model (uint32 *)
           CPU model as a symbolic constant. Currently, these are
               CPUTYPE_UNKNOWN         - Unknown CPU
               CPUTYPE_PPC603E         - PowerPC 603e
               CPUTYPE_PPC604E    		- PowerPC 604e
               CPUTYPE_PPC750CXE  		- PowerPC 750CXe
               CPUTYPE_PPC750FX   		- PowerPC 750FX
               CPUTYPE_PPC750GX   		- PowerPC 750GX
               CPUTYPE_PPC7410    		- PowerPC 7410
               CPUTYPE_PPC74XX_VGER	- PowerPC 7440, 7441, 7450, 7451 (Vger types)
               CPUTYPE_PPC74XX_APOLLO  - PowerPC 7445, 7447, 7455, 7457 (Apollo 6/7 types)

       GCIT_ModelString (CONST_STRPTR *)
           CPU model as a read-only string. For example, the 604e would be
           returned as "PowerPC 604e".

       GCIT_Version (uint32 *)
           CPU version and revision. The major and minor numbers are
           returned as a number with the lower 16 bit as 0xVV.R, where
           VV is the version number, and R is the revision. For
           example, on a PPC750FX DD2, the result would be 0x0201,
           depicting a PowerPC 750FX V2.1.
           Note: If a version is not available, the value returned is

       GCIT_VersionString (CONST_STRPTR *)
           CPU version and revision as a read-only string, in the form

       GCIT_FrontsideSpeed (uint64 *)
           CPU frontside bus speed.
           Note: This is actually a 64 bit number.

       GCIT_ProcessorSpeed (uint64 *)
           CPU internal frequency.
           Note: This is actually a 64 bit number.
       GCIT_L1CacheSize (uint32 *)
       GCIT_L2CacheSize (uint32 *)
       GCIT_L3CacheSize (uint32 *)
           Size of the appropriate cache, if available, otherwise 0.

	GCIT_CacheLineSize (uint32 *)
	    Size of a cache line. Note that this is also the alignment used
	    by CacheClearE/CacheClearU.

       GCIT_VectorUnit (uint32 *)
           CPU's vector unit, as a symbolic constant. Currently
           defined are:
               VECTORTYPE_NONE     - No vector unit
               VECTORTYPE_ALTIVEC  - Motorola AltiVec (tm) Unit
              (VECTORTYPE_VMX      - IBM VMX Unit)

       GCIT_Extensions (CONST_STRPTR *)
           CPU feature string. The result is a read-only string that
           describes nonstandard features of the CPU.

       GCIT_CPUPageSize (uint32 *)
       GCIT_ExecPageSize (uint32 *)
	    Physical and logical page sizes. CPUPageSize determines the 
           supported sizes of the CPU, while ExecPageSize determines the
           supported Exec (i.e. "virtual" page sizes).The latter is the size
           supported by Exec API functions.
           In general, these tags return a bit mask. If bit n is set, a page
           size of 2^n is supported.
           For example, GCIT_CPUPageSize might return 0x1000, i.e. bit 12
           is set, hence the CPU supports hardware pages of 4096 bytes.

	GCIT_TimeBaseSpeed (uint64 *)
	    Speed of the CPU timer.
           Note: This is actually a 64 bit number.


       /* Query model and version */
       CONST_STRPTR Model;
       CONST_STRPTR Version;

               GCIT_ModelString, &Model, 
               GCIT_VersionString, &Version,

       printf("CPU: %s V%s\n", Model, Version);