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Awesome React Context Awesome

A curated list of stuff related to the new React Context API

Featured 🔥
Constate, a state management library using React Context




  • compare-react-state-management - React createContext vs Apollo vs MobX vs Redux in a simple todo app.
  • ThemeContext - CodeSandbox example using React v16.3.0-alpha.0.
  • Themer - React Context demo on CodeSandbox.
  • React-State - React state using Context API, similar to redux with connect, Provider API.


  • react-create-context - Polyfill for the proposed React context API.
  • react-contextual - Tiny helper around React's new context API.
  • react-broadcast - Reliably communicate state changes to deeply nested React elements.
  • react-composer - Prevents deeply nested code when consuming multiple contexts at the same time.
  • react-connect-context - Redux-style connector that maps context-based objects onto a component's props.
  • react-waterfall - React store built on top of the new context API.
  • react-redux - A Context based library for integrating React with Redux.
  • react-zedux - Create consumable contexts from observables, including Zedux/Redux stores.
  • react-translations-provider - Setup and access a global set of translations and current locale via a context provider.
  • with-context - Decorator for new React Context API.
  • constate - React Context + State = constate.
  • react-motive - Small wrapper around the React Context API with actions/dispatch style state management.
  • react-loadable-context - Small wrapper around the React Context API to asynchronously load and inject objects into the context.
  • unstated - A tiny dependency that provides a handy wrapper around the Context API for dependency injection.
  • react-storage-context - Handy util for getting/setting local storage and session storage built on the Context API.
  • dakpan - A small React state management library using the new React context.
  • react-context-connector - React HOC to the new Context API to keep the use as simple as React-Redux connect HOC.
  • react-zap - Zap props from one React component to another, using React new context API and your existing higher-order components.
  • react-providers - A small library that creates a centralized place to store (like Redux store) your context components and HOC to use it. Automatically resolves dependencies between your context components.
  • react-context-global-state - A wrapper library around the Context API to define global state without explicitly using class components.
  • observed-bits - A tiny library that helps to avoid unnecessary re-renders of all Consumers.
  • folio - A dynamic form manage form global state and CSS grid using context.
  • react-combine-reducer - Function that merge context providers in ease. Supports constate and unstated-next in a simple way.


Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.



To the extent possible under law, diegohaz has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.


😎 A curated list of stuff related to the new React Context API




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