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EUCookieLaw 3 Themes & Design Guide

About this repository

This repository contain the public styles and design guideline for EUCookieLaw. The main repository is named EUCookieLaw3. You can find the WordPress version either on GitHub and WordPress Plugins Repository.


If you find this tools useful, and since I've noticed that nobody did this script before of me, I'd like to receive a donation. :)

Available Themes

To use a theme in your website, just download the file you want and link it in the page:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<path-to-the-theme-css-file.css>" />

Follows a list of available themes for EUCookieLaw.

Bootstrap like

This theme is a grabbed simplified version of bootstrap modal dialog classes.

  • File name: bootstrap-like.css
  • Version: 20180521
  • Author: Diego La Monica

Darky Miky

This theme is the default dark theme for EUCookieLaw-wp.

  • File name: darky-miky.css
  • Versione: 20180521
  • Author: Micaela Esposito

Design Guidelines

The following is a generic representation of EUCookieLaw3 dialog banner.

<div data-eucookielaw-id="dialog-container" id="eucookielaw-57867" class="modal fade eucookielaw-modal in" style="display: block;">
	<div data-eucookielaw-id="dialog" class="modal-dialog modal-lg">
		<div data-eucookielaw-id="dialog-content" class="modal-content">
			<div data-eucookielaw-id="header-container" class="modal-header">
				<strong class="modal-title">Dialog title</strong>
			<div data-eucookielaw-id="body-container" class="modal-body">
				<p data-eucookielaw-id="body-text-content">
					Dialog text/HTML content
				<p data-eucookielaw-id="body-button-container" class="eucokielaw-dialog-button-container">
					<a data-eucookielaw-id="review-button" href="#" class="btn btn-default btn-block ">Review consents</a>
				<div data-eucookielaw-id="cookie-group-list" class="list-group">
					<div data-eucookielaw-id="cookie-group-list-item" class="list-group-item rejected" data-group="service-1">
						<strong>Service #1 - title</strong><br>
						<span class="text-muted">
							Service #1 - extended description
					<div data-eucookielaw-id="cookie-group-list-item" class="list-group-item rejected" data-group="service-2">
						<strong>Service #2 - title</strong><br>
						<span class="text-muted">Service #2 extended description</span>
				<div data-eucookielaw-id="button-container" class="buttons text-right">
					<a data-dismiss="modal" data-eucookielaw-id="close-button" href="#" class="btn btn-primary">Done</a>
			<div data-eucookielaw-id="footer-container" class="modal-footer">
				<div class="eucookielaw-dialog-footer">
						Powered by 
						<a href="">
							<img src="data:image:..." scale="0">

Each special element of EUCookieLaw3 has a data attribute data-eucookielaw-id that uniquely identify the role of the component:

  • dialog-container is the main container (the envelope of the entire dialog box) it has 4 classes: modal, fade, eucookielaw-modal.

    When the modal is shown the class in is applied to the element and the class modal-open is applied to the body.

  • dialog is the modal dialog component, it has 2 classes: modal-dialog modal-lg

  • dialog-content is the dialog. It has the class modal-content

  • heaer-container is the header of the modal. It has the class modal-header and has a non predictable HTML element due is configured through the EUCookieLaw Configuration Builder. However the class of the inner HTML element is modal-title.

  • body-container has a class mdodal-body

  • body-button-container has the class eucookielaw-dialog-button-container and contains the review button. The user could define a custom set of additional classes.

  • review-button is the button which allows user to view more details.

  • cookie-group-list the container of the treatments. It has the class list-group

  • cookie-group-list-item is the single treatment item. It has the class list-group-item and an additional class approved or rejectd according to the user consent about the treatment. Those two classes can change its name due to the custom configuration.
    Its structure is composed by a strong element and an adjacent span element with class text-muted

  • button-container is the container of the close button, his class is buttons and text-right

  • close-button is the button which the user can touch/click to close the dialog. Has the class btn btn-primary

  • footer-container is the footer of the dialog, has the class modal-footer.

To disallow any kind of conflict with other rules, it's recommended to prefix all the CSS rules for the modal with the container class eucookielaw-modal.

Differences on the element

In the following tables will be shown the differences between consent dialog opened and closed and all the related elements on the page.


attribute Opened Closed
class .modal-open <any>

.eucookielaw-modal element

attribute Opened Closed
class .in <any>

[data-eucookielaw-id="cookie-group-list"] element

The list of treatments will result expanded if who has configured the dialog sets the dialogCookieGroupsListDefaultIsHidden to true else the list will become expanded once the user will click on the Review consents button.

attribute Collapsed Expanded
class .collapsed .expanded

Share your style

If you want to share your custom theme for EUCookieLaw3, you are free to create your own theme but remeber to:

  1. Add copyright row at the top of the theme informing about Theme name, your name and your website, the Project MUST be always EUCookieLaw3, the version number of your theme and the License model, like:

      * Theme: Bootstrap-like
      * Author: Diego La Monica (
      * Project: EUCookieLaw3
      * Version: 20180521
      * Copyright (c) 2018 Diego La Monica CC-BY-NC
  2. Create all the required rules (as described above).

  3. Create a pull request for this repository

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