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# Functions to recode the Mexican mortality database
# with the CDC's injury mortality matrix and be able
# classify the type of injury to firearm, poisoning,
# etc.
ICDSeq <- function(start, end) {
##Produce a sequence of icd codes
##start = A1 end= A9 outputs A1, A2, A3... A9
##start and end should begin with the same letter
letter <- str_sub(start, 1, 1)
number1 <- as.numeric(str_sub(start, 2, length(str) + 2))
number2 <- as.numeric(str_sub(end, 2, length(str) + 2))
str_c(letter, gsub(" ", "0",
format(number1:number2, width = 2)))
MortalityMatrix <- function(df, codes, name) {
#Recode the Mexican Mortality Database with the
##injury mortality matrix from the CDC
##df - the database
##codes - the sequence of icd codes that belong to each cause of injury
##name - the name of the the cause of injury (firearm, cut/pierce, etc)
str <- codes
str <- str_replace_all(str, "\\*", "")
str <- str_replace_all(str, "\\.", "")
l <- str_split(str, ", ")
sequence <- c();Cdeaths <- c(); Ccausadef <- c()
for (i in l[[1]]) {
if(str_detect(i, "-")) {
x <- str_split(i, "-")
sequence <- c(sequence, ICDSeq(x[[1]][1], x[[1]][2]))
} else {
if(str_length(i) == 4) {
Cdeaths <- c(Cdeaths, i)
if(str_length(i) == 3) {
Ccausadef <- c(Ccausadef, i)
try(df[df$CAUSADEF %in% sequence,]$CAUSE <- name, silent = TRUE)
try(df[df$CDEATH %in% Cdeaths,]$CAUSE <- name, silent = TRUE)
try(df[df$CAUSADEF %in% Ccausadef,]$CAUSE <- name, silent = TRUE)
#The list of icd codes from:
mmatrixcodes <- c("W25-W29, W45, X78, X99, Y28, Y35.4",
"W65-W74, X71, X92, Y21",
"W00-W19, X80, Y01, Y30",
"X00-X19, X76-X77, X97-X98, Y26-Y27, Y36.3, *U01.2",
"W32-W34, X72-X74, X93-X95, Y22-Y24, Y35.0, *U01.4",
"W24, W30-W31",
"V01-V99, X82, Y03, Y32, Y36.1, *U01.1",
"W42, W43, W53-W64, W92-W99, X20-X39, X51-X57",
"X40-X49, X60-X69, X85-X90, Y10-Y19, Y35.2, *U01.6, *U01.7)",
"W20-W22, W50-W52, X79, Y00, Y04, Y29, Y35.3",
"W75-W84, X70, X91, Y20",
"W23, W35-W41, W44, W49, W85-W91, Y85, X75, X81, X96, Y02, Y05-Y07, Y25, Y31, Y35.1, Y35.5, Y36.0, Y36.2, Y36.4, Y36.5, Y36.6, Y36.7, Y36.8, Y36.4",
"X58, Y86, X83, Y87.0, Y08, Y87.1, Y33, Y87.2, Y35.6, Y89.0, Y89.1, *U01.8, *U02",
"X59, X84, Y09, Y34, Y89.9, Y35.7, Y36.9, *U01.9, *U03.9",
"Y40-Y59, Y60-Y84, Y88")
#The cause of injury correponding to the codes above
death.types <- c("Cut/pierce",
"Fire/ hot object or substance",
"All Transport",
"Natural /environmental",
"Struck by or against",
"Other specified, classifiable",
"Other specified, nec",
"Adverse effects")
hom.juarez$CAUSE <- NA
for(i in 1:length(mmatrixcodes)) {
hom.juarez <- MortalityMatrix(hom.juarez, mmatrixcodes[i], death.types[i])