Why were there more drug-war related homicides than total homicides in Sinaloa?
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Reconciling homicide counts in Sinaloa

This program analyzes the discrepancy in the homicide data for the state of Sinaloa.

In 2007 and 2008 there were more drug-war related murders than total murders which, of course, should be impossible. This program shows the discrepancy was due to an excess of deaths registered as accidents whose cause of injury was a firearm. I then classified the individual deaths into accidents and homicides to show that the extra firearm accidents in 2007 and 2008 resemble homicides more than accidents.


In the data directory you'll find the following files:

drug-homicides.csv.bz2: All drug war related homicides (also called organize crime related or due to delinquent rivalry) from Dec 2006 to Dec 2010 in all of Mexico

municipality-heads.csv.bz2: A list of the names of each municipality in 2007

sinaloa-deaths.csv.bz2: All injury intent deaths (accidents, suicides, homicides, unspecified, and legal operations) registered in the state of Sinaloa by the Mexican vital statistic system from 2004 to 2009

The file DE-SSA08.doc contains a description of the variables in sinaloa-deaths.csv.bz2 (Spanish)


Homicides from:

Dirección General de Información en Salud (DGIS). Base de datos de defunciones 1979-2010: Sistema Nacional de Información en Salud (SINAIS). [México]: Secretaría de Salud [Accessed 2012-11-01]

Drug-War Homicides from:

Base de datos de fallecimientos ocurridos por presunta rivalidad delincuencial

List of Municipalities from:

Catálogos de municipios y localidades

Author: Diego Valle-Jones