Mobile Friendly, fast and easy to work with. Underskeleton is the WordPress Starter Theme for your next awesome WordPress Theme.
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Mobile Friendly, fast and easy to work with. Underskeleton is the WordPress Starter Theme for your next WordPress Theme or Website. It has beautiful typography, custom colors options and a whole set of editing options in the content editor.

Underskeleton is designed to be a starter/base theme and comes with many developer tools.

Visit the Project Website:

Why Underskeleton?

  • 11% of internet users use only mobile
  • only 10% on internet users use only desktop
  • since 2015 people search more on mobile devices than desktop
  • you only have 8 seconds to make an impression, make your page load fast

Stable version

The master branch is used for ongoing changes and integration of feature branches.

The stable version is aways the latest release and the version you get at WordPress Themes Directory, see releases.


    == master ==
           - Separate editor-style.css from main theme css.
           - Fix paragraph spacing.
           - Fix spacing for no `container` around header, content-area and footer.
           - Fix file permissions.

    == v1.0.5 January 23rd 2017 ==
           - Add WooCommerce support.
           - Fix footer sidebars/widget areas.

    == v1.0.4 January 23rd 2017 ==
           - Add it-IT Translation (thanks to @Enrico204).
           - Add editor formats for Layout, Text Columns, Color blocks and Buttons.
           - Mark widget areas as DEPRECATED for future removal: 'Homepage Before Content', 'Homepage After Content', 'Posts Lists'.
           - Update theme description.
           - Update pt-BR Translation.
           - Fix code block styles inside pre elements.
           - Fixed tertiary color css.
           - Fixed BrowserSync pattern to watch files in subfolders.
           - Fixed npm dependencies for dev tools.

    == v1.0.3 December 13th 2016 ==
           - Add back `header text color` core functionality.
           - Remove `post-formats` support.
           - Remove `search-form` from html5 theme support as theme includes custom search form.
           - Remove custom logo for login page - plugin territory.
           - Fixed custom header image feature.
           - Fixed editor-style enqueue.
           - Fixed escaping issues.
           - Fixed translation issues.
           - Fixed theme tags.

    == v1.0.1 December 10th 2016 ==
           - Change license information for WordPress Theme Directory.
           - Add full-width page template.
           - Add color settings to customizer.
           - Fixed enqueue editor styles.

    == v1.0.0 September 22nd 2016 ==
           - Lauched theme downloader in the website
           - Prepared theme for theme downloader
           - Change licence to GPL, matching WordPress and making licensing easier to understand
           - Add footer widget areas
           - Add default styling to navigation links
           - Add settings to allow change of container on header, content and footer
           - Add scss files for various elements
           - Add custom logo to login page, being same user's selected custom logo
           - Add Customizer Selective Refresh support for Widgets
           - Add homepage template with widget areas
           - Add editor styles to match theme's styles
           - Fixed date field styles to match other input types
           - Fixed textarea height to match number of rows when specified
           - Fixed image alignment inside page or post content
           - Remove 'Raleway' as default font-family, changed to sans-serif

    == v0.1.2 June 16th 2016 ==
           - Add Custom Logo theme support for WordPress 4.5+
           - Add pt-BR Translation.
           - Minor fixes and tweaks.

    == v0.1.1 May 2nd 2016 ==
           - First stable version, with minor fixes from previous.


  • Widgets Selective Refresh, Custom Logo and Editor Style support
  • Translation ready, comes with en-US and pt-BR.
  • Combines Underscore’s PHP/JS files and Skeleton Boilerplate HTML/CSS.
  • Single minified CSS and JS file for all the basic stuff.
  • Simple RTL file.
  • Jetpack ready.
  • Ready for development with npm, bower, gulp, browser-sync and css autoprefixer

Features to come

Things we plan to include in later versions.

  • Skin and Bones, pieces of layout and functionality you can add to your theme with ease.
  • WooCommerce support.

Have a feature request? Please open an issue at Github!


Create your copy of Underskeleton and name it to your taste at, copy from latest release. Then:

  • Login to your WordPress backend
  • Go to Appearance → Themes → Add New → Upload Theme
  • Select your theme file → Install Now
  • Activate the theme

Manual Installation

  • Download Underskeleton zip file from GitHub
  • Extract files and change the folder name from underskeleton-master to underskeleton (or one of your choice)
  • Upload it into your WordPress themes subfolder: /wp-content/themes/
  • Login to your WordPress backend
  • Go to Appearance → Themes
  • Activate the Underskeleton theme
Changing theme identification

To change Underskeleton theme identification to your own you need to replace any 'underskeleton' text with your theme id and, optionally, replace the theme name as well.

  • Open the project in the editor of your choice (i.e Sublime Text)
  • Replace all 'underskeleton' matches with 'your_theme_id' (case sensitive) (screenshot)
  • Optionally, replace all 'Underskeleton' matches with 'Your Theme Name' (case sensitive) (screenshot)
  • That is it.

Folder structure

Most of the folder structure is inherited from _s. Its files are well documented, have a look ;)

Bellow are just Underskeleton's file structure

  └── css                            
    └── theme.css         // Theme styles, Skeleton and Underskeleton stuff, include your styles 
    └── theme.min.css     // Minified version of theme styles, this is the file served to the browser. 
  └── js
    └── assets            // Folder for assets from other projects, ie _s.
    └── *.js              // Uncompiled underskeleton scripts
  └── sass
    └── theme             // Uncompiled Sass files for your theme
    └── theme.scss        // Uncompiled theme scss files that basically @imports all other scss files
  └── style.css           // WordPress theme identification file

Developer Tools

Underskeleton is developed with NPM, Bower, Gulp, SASS, Browser Sync and Css Autoprefixer. You can develop without these tools, but its just a lot faster with them ;)

Installing Dependencies

  • Make sure you have installed Node.js, Bower, and Browser-Sync on your computer globally. To install Bower and Browser-Sync, run*:
# May require root/administrator permissions

$ npm install -g bower
$ npm install -g browser-sync
  • Open your terminal and browse to the location of your Underskeleton copy
  • Run these comands:
# install node.js packages, install bower dependencies, copy assets to source folder

$ npm install
$ bower install


To work and compile your SASS and JS files on the fly, run:

$ gulp watch

Or, to run with Browser-Sync:

  • First change the browser-sync options to reflect your environment in /gulpfile.js file in the beginning of the file:
var browserSyncOptions = {
    proxy: "localhost/underskeleton/", // <----- CHANGE HERE
    notify: false
  • then run: $ gulp watch-bs

If you just want to build once:

$ gulp build-css or $ gulp build-scripts

Want to contribute?

Underskeleton is in it's early stages and a lot has to be done yet.

Watch or Star the repository and join our newsletter. Fork the project, make the change you want to see. Or email me at

Credits and License

Underskeleton WordPress Theme, Copyright 2016 Diego Versiani Underskeleton is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL


Skeleton was created by Dave Gamache for a better web.

Skeleton-Sass was created by Seth Coelen for a better Skeleton.

Underskeleton was created by Diego Versiani for a better WordPress.

Buy Me a Coffee at