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Kohana Errors

Inspired by Errorist this is a simple solution for handling exceptions and rendering a user friendly error screen.

By default 404 and 500 errors are handled.

Kohana 3.1 + compatible

Error Handling

When an action or controller cannot be found Controller_Error::action_404 will be served instead. You can customise the behaviour of this action by extending Kohana_Controller_Error.

All other errors will be served as 500 and therefore Controller_Error::action_500 will be used to serve a response.

You can also throw a Http_Exception for any status code, although only 404 and 500 errors have an action defined.

You don't have to extend Kohana_Controller_Error to customise the error response however. You can simply make your own custom view. "views/error/404.php" and "views/error/500.php" will be loaded by default. You can replace these files in your application if you wish to without needing to update any controllers.


Currently due to the way the catch all route works you must define all your application routes before you call Kohana::modules in your bootstrap.php.


These files were originally part of Prophet, an auto view loader, however since I needed to handle errors in another app but didn't need Prophet I have since separated the repos.


Luke Morton, 2011.


MIT Licensed.