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Verified synthesis and verification of network security policies.

Get Isabelle/HOL 2016-1 at

The Network_Security_Policy_Verification is maintained in the AFP. Get the latest stable version here:

This repo is where the development happens.

In theory files, identifiers are written with underscores. Example: offending-flows-union-mono can be found with find Network_Security_Policy_Verification/ -iname '*.thy' | xargs grep 'offending_flows_union_mono'

Repo Overview

  • thy/Network_Security_Policy_Verification

    Theory for reasoning about logical access control abstraction (security policy, who can communicate with whom?). All the the formal theory files for Isabelle/HOL.

  • thy/interface_abstraction

    A model of networks.

  • thy/everything-else

    A snapshot of some afp entries to use this repository without external dependencies.

  • scala_tool

    A stand-alone demonstration tool. It is quite unmaintained and out of sync with theory files! The Isabelle formalization now directly supports visualization. See Network_Security_Policy_Verification.thy for an example. If a new stand-alone tool is desired, we suggest to export the code directly from the Isabelle formalization.

Academic Publications

  • Marcel von Maltitz, Cornelius Diekmann, Georg Carle. Taint Analysis for System-Wide Privacy Audits: A Framework and Real-World Case Studies [preprint]
  • Cornelius Diekmann, Andreas Korsten, and Georg Carle. Demonstrating topoS: Theorem-prover-based synthesis of secure network configurations. In 2nd International Workshop on Management of SDN and NFV Systems, manSDN/NFV, Barcelona, Spain, November 2015. [preprint]
  • Cornelius Diekmann, Stephan-A. Posselt, Heiko Niedermayer, Holger Kinkelin, Oliver Hanka, and Georg Carle. Verifying Security Policies using Host Attributes. In FORTE - 34th IFIP International Conference on Formal Techniques for Distributed Objects, Components and Systems, volume 8461, pages 133-148, Berlin, Germany, June 2014. Springer. [preprint]
  • Cornelius Diekmann, Lars Hupel, and Georg Carle. Directed Security Policies: A Stateful Network Implementation. In Jun Pang and Yang Liu, editors, Engineering Safety and Security Systems, volume 150 of Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, pages 20-34, Singapore, May 2014. Open Publishing Association. [paper]