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Commits on Dec 10, 2012
  1. Merge pull request #844 from lzhan/fixlint

    lzhan authored
    Merge dmitris pr #542
Commits on Dec 7, 2012
  1. @drewfish

    Merge pull request #845 from drewfish/issue835-ei-caching

    drewfish authored
    fix issue #835 more careful about caching results of expandInstanceForEnv
  2. @drewfish
Commits on Dec 6, 2012
  1. @drewfish
  2. @caridy

    Merge pull request #841 from caridy/micro-tunning

    caridy authored
    Micro optimization:
    - "delete" is evil in V8, avoid the use of delete on objects.
  3. @caridy

    Merge pull request #839 from caridy/global-models

    caridy authored
    adding support for global models:
    - a parent mojit can register a custom global model instance
    - a child mojit can ask for a regular model and receive a global model if exists
  4. @caridy
  5. @caridy
  6. @caridy
  7. @caridy
  8. @caridy
  9. @isao

    Merge pull request #838 from isao/testing

    isao authored
    rm yui and yuitest copies used in old arrow workaround
  10. @caridy
  11. @isao

    Merge pull request #837 from isao/cli

    isao authored
    remove obsolesced rollups from mojito compile command
    note! `mojito compile rollups` are not needed and have been removed
    note: the `compile` cli command is deprecated in favor of shaker, see
  12. @isao
  13. @isao

    emit deprecation warnings

    isao authored
Commits on Dec 5, 2012
  1. @isao

    rm unused config

    isao authored
  2. @isao

    rm obsolete rollup code

    isao authored
  3. @isao
  4. @isao

    jslint tweaks

    isao authored
  5. @isao
  6. @isao

    Merge pull request #831 from isao/archetypes

    isao authored
    fix mojito create -p option
  7. @drewfish
  8. @drewfish

    Merge pull request #836 from drewfish/static

    drewfish authored
    more careful about when we say a resource is modified
  9. @drewfish

    Merge pull request #832 from drewfish/deprecations

    drewfish authored
    updated with 0.5.0 news
  10. @drewfish
  11. @zhouyaoji

    Merge pull request #834 from zhouyaoji/docs_fix_frame_mojit_chapter

    zhouyaoji authored
    [doc] Removed stray heading and section ID from older version of doc.
  12. @zhouyaoji
Commits on Dec 4, 2012
  1. @drewfish
  2. @zhouyaoji

    Merge pull request #833 from zhouyaoji/docs_review_cleanup

    zhouyaoji authored
    [docs] Cleaned up documentation (made copy edits) based on reviews.
  3. @zhouyaoji
  4. @drewfish
  5. @isao

    Merge pull request #830 from isao/pr7

    isao authored
    update hybrid archetype to 0.5.x api, jslint
  6. @drewfish

    Merge pull request #827 from drewfish/gv-synthetic

    drewfish authored
    skip synthetic yui modules
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