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Yahoo! Mojito Training


We recommend nodejs 0.6 installed via npm.

If you want to be able to use YUIDoc (mojito docs) you will need a few python modules. You can install them using the following command:

$ sudo easy_install simplejson pygments Cheetah

(Full Disclosure: there is a pull request to update Mojito to yuidoc.js)

Quick Start

$ git clone git://
$ cd trainingMojito/lesson1/myWeather
$ npm install mojito@0.3.26 -g
$ mojito test app .
$ mojito docs app lesson1
$ mojito start --context "environment:development"

You can also take a look at this app running on nodejitsu:


Lesson 1:
To be uploaded.


Mojito Docs:
Mojito Forum:
YUI Forum:
Cocktails Introduction:

Diego Ferreiro Val @diervo
Fabian Frank @Fabian_Frank

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