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New Features

This release includes a couple of major changes to how Diesel projects are developed. In the past, we've had 2 ways to generate schema.rs. A procedural macro called infer_schema!, and a CLI command diesel print-schema. We've recommended using the CLI command for a long time, but infer_schema! was still useful for early prototypes.

At the beginning of a project, your database schema changes much more frequently. It's extremely annoying to have to remember to run a second command after running your migrations.

Diesel CLI 1.3 now supports a configuration file to customize its behavior. One of the new capabilities this provides is the ability to automatically regenerate schema.rs whenever you run or revert a migration. This means you no longer have to remember to run diesel print-schema when things change.

Because of this, we are deprecating diesel_infer_schema. 1.3 will be the final release of that crate. However, diesel_infer_schema 1.3 will continue to work with diesel until at least Diesel 2.0. You can see all of the capabilities of the new configuration file at http://diesel.rs/guides/configuring-diesel-cli.

This release also includes a complete redesign of the sql_function! macro. The new syntax is significantly closer to normal Rust. For example, what used to be written as:

sql_function! {
    lower, lower_t, (x: Text) -> Text,
    "Here are the docs for `lower`
It's awkward to make multiline"

Can now be written as:

sql_function! {
    /// Here are the docs for `lower`
    /// It's just a normal doc comment.
    fn lower(x: Text) -> Text;

The new form also supports much more than the old one, including aggregate functions, function renaming, and generic functions. Things like MAX could previously not be expressed with sql_function!. However, now the definition looks like this:

sql_function! {
    fn max<ST: SqlOrd + IntoNullable>(expr: ST) -> ST::Nullable;

Finally, the redesigned sql_function! supports user defined functions on SQLite. SQLite differs from other databases, in that custom functions aren't defined in SQL. Instead you give it a C function pointer to use for the body. With Diesel, you can just give us any Rust closure that takes appropriate argument types, and we'll handle gluing that to SQLite for you.

You can find examples for all of this in the docs for sql_function!.

In addition to the headline features, this release includes a ton of quality of life changes including expanded support for locking clauses, more global support for mathematic operators, and more. As always, for a full list of changes you can find it in [the changelog].
[the changelog]: https://github.com/diesel-rs/diesel/blob/v1.3.0/CHANGELOG.md


Thank you to everyone who helped make this release happen through bug reports, and discussion on Gitter. While we don't have a way to collect stats on that form of contribution, it's greatly appreciated.

In addition to the Diesel core team, 12 people contributed code to this release. A huge thank you to:

  • Aleksey Ivanov
  • Christopher Brickley
  • David Reid
  • Diggory Blake
  • Graham Turner
  • Katharina
  • Matt Kraai
  • Nick Babcock
  • Richard Petrie
  • Simon Dickson
  • Sunrin SHIMURA
  • Thierry Berger