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Why Diesel?

You should write your next network application using diesel.

Thanks to Python the syntax is clean and the development pace is rapid. Thanks to non-blocking I/O it's fast and scalable. Thanks to greenlets there's unwind(to(callbacks(no))). Thanks to nose it's trivial to test. Thanks to Flask you don't need to write a new web framework using it.

It provides a clean API for writing network clients and servers. TCP and UDP supported. It bundles battle-tested clients for HTTP, DNS, Redis, Riak and MongoDB. It makes writing network applications fun.

Read the documentation, browse the API and join the community in #diesel on freenode.


You'll need the python-dev package as well as libffi-dev, or your platform's equivalents.


Diesel is an active project. Your best bet to stay up with the latest at this point is to clone from github.:

git clone git://

Once you have a clone, cd to the diesel directory and install it.:

pip install .


python install


python develop

For More Information

Documentation and more can be found on the diesel website.

Python 3?

Not yet. Here are dependencies blocking the transition: