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import sys, os
assert sys.version_info >= (2, 6), \
"Diesel requires python 2.6 (or greater 2.X release)"
from setuptools import setup
if os.system("which palmc > /dev/null 2>&1") == 0:
os.system("palmc ./diesel/protocols ./diesel/protocols")
additional_requires = []
VERSION = "3.0b1"
author="Jamie Turner/Boomplex LLC/Bump Technologies, Inc/Various Contributors",
description="Diesel is a coroutine-based networking library for Python",
diesel is a framework for easily writing reliable and scalable network
applications in Python. It uses the greenlet library layered atop
asynchronous socket I/O in Python to achieve benefits of both
the threaded-style (linear, blocking-ish code flow) and evented-style
(no locking, low overhead per connection) concurrency paradigms. It's
design is heavily inspired by the Erlang/OTP platform.
It contains high-quality buffering, queuing and synchronization primitives,
procedure supervision and supervision trees, connection pools, seamless
thread integration, and more.
An HTTP/1.1+WSGI+WebSockets implementation is included, as well as tight
integration with the Flask web framework.
Other bundled protocols include MongoDB, Riak, and Redis client libraries.
download_url="" % VERSION,
packages=["diesel", "diesel.protocols", "diesel.util", "diesel.util.patches"],
'console_scripts': [
'dpython = diesel.interactive:python',
'idpython = diesel.interactive:ipython',
'dnosetests = diesel.dnosetests:main',
] + additional_requires),
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