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This is a static site generator that incorporates best practices for web performance, such as versioning static assets, CSS minification, JS compilation, GZIP compression, and usage of a CDN for static assets. It will also sync the static site to Amazon S3.
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Jekyll-S3 is a static site generating framework that is focused on web performance and makes it easy to deploy a site to be hosted on Amazon S3.

Build your site

  1. Download Jekyll-S3
  2. Install framework dependencies if you haven't before
  3. Configure options
  4. Command line usage:

Development mode, continually regenerates site files

thor dev

Build and serve on local machine

thor build

Build and deploy to production

thor deploy

Specify SSH login

thor deploy -l=[SSH USER]

List all commands available

thor list

Show help for one task

thor help [TASK]


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