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.project Server Backup Script

Countly is an innovative, real-time, open source mobile analytics application. It collects data from mobile phones, and visualizes this information to analyze mobile application usage and end-user behavior. There are two parts of Countly: the server that collects and analyzes data, and mobile SDK that sends this data (for iOS & Android).


Countly Server;

Titanium Countly Messaging Modules

Other Countly SDK repositories;

Countly SDK Guides;

Countly Backup Guide;

This is a Linux Backup Script to Backup all the nessasary Settings and Databases of your Server

It supports both Local and Remote Backups as well as backup Rotation

Please note that this is still a beta script

Any pull requests and suggestion welcome!

Author: Dieskim


  1. Log in to you server via SSH as root

  2. Create a folder where you would like to place the script and move into the folder

mkdir countly-backup-script

cd countly-backup-script

  1. wget the backup script


  1. Set the script to be executable

chmod a+x

  1. For remote backups set up Linux SSH KEY Password Free Automatic Config Authentication

  2. Edit all the setting in the top of the script.

  3. Test the script via sh -x 2>&1 | tee debug.txt

  4. Add Script to Crontab to run daily

crontab -e

  • Choose your editor and add the below to the crontab to run script every night at midnight - save file

00 00 * * * /path/to/countly-backup-script/


Author: Dieskim