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Modified business card template (originally by Karol Koziol for ShareLaTeX) to support QR codes.
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The starting point of this template is this one provided by ShareLaTeX and originally made by Karol Koziol. Feel free to (re-)use, fork, modify and contribute to this project as long as you reference the original author(s) if you do so. This in accordance with the Apache 2.0 License included in this repository.

QR Code and MeCard support

This template supports adding a QR Code that contains the MeCard format so adding a contact to your phone is very easy. The specifications for the MeCard format can be found here. Three examples are provided two of which have a QR Code. You can reuse these very easily if you replace the contact details with your own in within the command definitions.


I included three different examples in the pdf to show the potential of the template. Below I also included images of these examples:

Example 1

Example with QR code instead of logo.

Image of example 1

Example 2

Original example with ShareLaTeX logo.

Image of example 2

Example 3

Example with QR code, twitter and different alignment.

Image of example 3

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