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Dieterich Lab

Section of Bioinformatics and Systems Cardiology at the University Hospital Heidelberg

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  1. DCC uses output from the STAR read mapper to systematically detect back-splice junctions in next-generation sequencing data. DCC applies a series of filters and integrates data across replicate set…

    Python 23 11

  2. circtools: a modular, python-based framework for circRNA-related tools that unifies several functionalities in a single, command line driven software.

    Python 6 5

  3. CircRNA testing and ploting R package

    R 4 7

  4. Assorted scripts in Perl, Bash, R and whatsoever directly from a bioinformaticians scripts/ folder

    Shell 1

  5. FUCHS - FUll circle CHaracterization from rna-Seq

    Python 5

  6. A workflow for TRIBE data based on JACUSA


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