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Make .rpm extraction work on Linux systems

Most 7z binaries on Linux systems are not built with the required
options to be able to extract .rpm files. This adds a method
using standard rpm2cio/cpio techniques instead of using 7z.
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README Initial commit Make .rpm extraction work on Linux systems


The script makes it easy to download compiled binaries
from the windows:mingw[1] project on the OpenSUSE Build Service.

The script needs Python 3 and the 7z program in the path.  The 7z program is
available for POSIX platforms[2] and for Windows[3].  On Debian/Ubuntu derived
distros it's a `sudo apt-get install p7zip-full` away.


Download and unpack and rpm from the windows:mingw:win32 project:

./ zlib

You'll now find a zlib1.dll file in a subdir of the current directory.

A more complicated example to make a zipfile containing pulseaudio with its

./ -p home:mkbosmans:mingw32:pulseaudio --deps -z pulseaudio


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